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I have a very clever kitty

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Was playing with Wonton with his favorite toy this morning-those little balls that have a bell inside them, and little holes so you can see the bell inside, rolling around. He LOVES those things. I think i posted before, about how if he chases a ball into the kitchen (where he's only allowed at night, and where we never interact with him), he'll actually pick the ball up in his mouth and bring it back in. It's almost as if he realizes if he doesn't bring it in himself, he won't be able to play with it anymore He did it again just yesterday, and I always get such a kick out of it - it's just so cute, seeing a cat play fetch

Anyway, was playing with him with the ball here in the computer room this morning, and as he was chasing it, it went under the futon, on the bookcase side. Now, I can't get over there to reach in and get it out, without dragging the whole futon away from the wall - which probably wouldn't have happened for a day or two. so I see him go behind the futon, hear rattling..and out he comes with the little ball in his mouth He knew if it got stuck under there, he wouldn't be able to play with it for a while l I know animals aren't supposed to be able to "think" like that, but if they're not, then how come he only "fetches" his ball when it's in a place which would mean no more playing-the kitchen, or behind the futon?

I actually had my camera on cos iwas trying to get some pics, and i got a few seconds of vid of him bringing his ball out from behind the futon and dropping it on the floor. will post it up in a minute
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How is he doing? Has he been aggressive at all? What did the vet say about it? If you posted all that in another thread, I apologize, but I've been thinking about him!
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hehe, Simon does that too- he even fishes it out from under things with a claw. It's SOOOO cute when he picks it up in his mouth and carries it around.
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The good news is - no agression lately! He even jumpepd up on my desk and knocked a bunch of stuff down, and it made a loud noise - something that a lot of times makes him scared, and then aggressive-but he didn't bat an eye The bad news is is STILL no news about the blood tests. They were supposed to call on Friday or Monday, they didn't, so I called yesterday and they told me to call back today As soon as I get any news about it, I'll post an update
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