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I think my cat burned her paw

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One of my girls chestnut, likes to jump on my stove and then walk over to my counter when I'm making food, or her food. I pick up and tell her no and put her back on the ground... But she is such a little piggy she keeps doing it...

I honestly don't cook alot,, and eat out way to much... BUT Last night, I was making dinner for me and my husband and daughter, and I took the pot off the burner and moved it back to the back burner to stop it from cookign and turned off the burner. I turned around about 5 minutes later, and Chestnut had jumped up on the stove, and I know she stepped on the burner with her back paws. I just know it,, she quickly jumped down... and I quickly freaked out!!

I had my husband grab her and we dipped her paws in cold water. I didn't know what to do!! I do that when I burn myself. Well that didn't go over well,, she's my fiesty one. So she jumped down and started to lick her paws.. I'm assuming because of the water. I fed them wet food, and put some tylenol in Chestnut food, hoping that would help with any pain.

Her paws look okay,, the smaller portion on the tips of the paws are little swollen but not read or chaffed or even hot..

What do I do know???
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If you're really concerned, please bring her to the vet, but please, PLEASE don't ever give your kitty people medicine like Tylenol ever again - it isn't made for kitties and in some cases people meds can kill cats.

There was a thread about cats and stove tops yesterday, and the best suggestion I've seen yet is to ALWAYS put a pot of cold water onto a burner immediately after shutting it off, that way the cat can't get onto the burner, and the cold water will help to cool off the burner that much quicker.

I hope she's doing ok today!
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I spoke to the vet, and they told me to give her children tylenol... I would never give her somethign the vet didn't recommend.. Sorry I should had put that in there..

She seems to be doing better,, my husband said her paws don't look swollen, and their not really red or anything..

I just couldn't believe how quick it was... I'm soo careful too, because I have a 4 year old who loves the kitchen, so I usually have something on a burner within seconds, even if it's an pot with water on it, to let it cool down.

It scared the crush out of me!
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you are actually incouraging your cat to jump on the counter by picking her up or responding to her. try walking away into another room and then praise her when she follows. try to ignore her when she's doing something naughty.
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