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Tyran Coughed.

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Last night while I'm in the space between falling asleep and being wide awake, Tyran jumped up in bed with me like she always does. She came up to the pillow and was walking around on it and she stuck her head between the curly bars of my bed and took a look at the unlit fishtank. Turning back towards me, she suprised the heck out of me (and this brought me fully awake) by letting out a loud cough. It was short, but definatly a cough. She didn't cough after that but I began thinking about other things about her.

A few weeks ago she had watery eyes and would squint one. Sometimes the left, sometimes the right. I was planning on taking her to the vet, but before I could make the appointment, it cleared up. Then about two days ago, she wasn't herself. She didn't want to be held (very strange as she constantly has to be near you, in your lap, or in your arms.) she wasn't talkative and she didn't want to cuddle (both also wierd) She'd play, but not as enthusiastically. That was Monday.

Then yesterday, POOF, she's back to herself, meowing her "little lungs" (she's got a good set of pipes on her) out, and cuddling like there's no tomorrow. Would you say this is normal for a kitten of 5 months or should I take her to the vet to see if there is anything wrong?
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If your have doubts, have a vet do a check with possible baseline blood work on Tyran.
My mantra with kitties is "better safe that sorry."
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It may have been a cold that cleared up on its own. Sometimes me kitties cough when they are forming a hairball. Its like a cough then a heavy swallow...that could have maybe been what it was? I not telling you dont bring her to the vet, because if you have the money and you are concerned...xocats is right....better safe then sorry.
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