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A pregnancy joke.

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Ask The Doctor

A woman pregnant with her first child paid a visit to her obstetrician's office. After the exam, she shyly said, ''My husband wants me to ask you...,'' to which the doctor replies, ''I know, I know,'' placing a reassuring hand on her shoulder. ''I get asked that all the time. Sex is fine until late in the pregnancy.''
''No, that's not it,'' the woman confessed. ''He wants to know if I can still mow the lawn.''
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Oh Ady!!! That's a good one!!!!! :laughing:
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:laughing: I'd beat my husband over the head if he ever asked me to ask the doctor a question like that. :laughing:
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My first husband was concerned about my craving for spicy food. The doctor told him that the only problem would be indigestion but the hot and spicy stuff wouldn't hurt the baby. Guess it didn't - Richard weighed 10lb 1oz, at birth!

As for lawn mowing - I have NEVER mowed a lawn, in my entire life! That's what dads and husbands are for!
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Damn right, but that's all we are good for. Oh and playing with toys that are ment to be for children Now where's my remote control truck gone?
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That was a good one!!

Oh and by the way, I mow my lawn every week and love doing it!!
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I helped mow the lawn when I lived at home with my parents, in high school, I even mowed my grandmas lawn, but now that I am married, I let him do it....he doesn't lift a finger to do the dishes, or clean the house, so I'll be danged if I'm gonna help outside. (other than the garden, and planting flowers, that is)

He has trash duty and lawn duty....lol
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Bill insists on doing all yard work, home repairs and taking out the trash. I am, actually, pretty handy around the house but, he's so cute when he gets macho.

I have the litter box detail and he shovels up, after Ike. He refuses to let me wash his work clothes. With my crazy working hours, I don't do as much, around the house as I should but he doesn't mind. It might be different, if I didn't work.

My ex was retired, I worked and STILL had to do the lion's share of the housework. That lazy SOB wouldn't even replace a roll of toilet paper!
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There should be more men like Bill! My hubby still thinks I should cater to his needs, get his ice cream, clean up after him, it irks me he can't even take his plate back into the kitchen most of the time, and here I am pregnant. He made the comment tonight about how I needed to vacuum...and I snapped back that most men help out a little more when their wives are pregnant. That shut him up...:laughing: He does do an awful lot of yard work, though....he is by no means a lazy man. He has been taking care of the garden, etc....so I guess i can't complain.
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