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No! & Wallpaper Issues

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1. I was wondering what one can do about a cat who climbs and hangs out in places he/she isn't allowed? My 15wo kitten keeps climbing up to the sink and around that area where there's always food and other stuff up and that's basically the one place we don't want him to be at (for several reasons, one he could get burned if the stoves is on, something boiling or who knows what!)

2. And my second problem, which started last night. I came home from the movies and Spike wanted to play with my ticket, so I gave it to him in my bed, he had fun with it for hours, until I noticed a bigger piece of paper and wondered where the hell it came from, yes my wall. He had dropped the ticket in a corner of my bed and tried fishing it up with his claws instead scratching and tearing my wallpaper, and he's not stopping now. He did the same thing 2 more times, also corners of my bed! How can I stop him from playing with my wallpaper?

Thank you in advance
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Hehe, he's a smart kitty! He discovered that corners yield fun toys for him.

Can you put something in the corners of the room to block him from getting there to tear at the paper?

Also, about the counters.... the best thing is if you see him on there is to pick him up and sternly say "No!" (don't shout or hit), and then place him on the floor. You need to be consistent though and do it every time you catch him on the counter, as do others who live in the house. Don't frighten him by yelling or hurt him with spanking. Doing those 2 things will only make him afraid of you.
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hehe, he sure is a little devil

Yeah, I closed the corners of the bed with my blanket so he can't get in there with his paws.

I've been doing that, told the rest of my family to not yell as well just say no, so we've been picking him up putting him down (many times hehe,) soon as he hits the floor he takes a run for it up the chairs, kitchen table and then counters ;D

thank you
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I'd put pots on all the stove burners.

You can get sticky tape that feels bad on cat feet, and put it on the areas you don't want him to climb.

as for the corners, there are several brands of 'scratching posts' that mount on the corner of a wall. Gizmo loves hers. There are also floor standing models that can go around the corner of a bed or sofa.
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