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Snowshoe Siamese

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Does anyone know anything about the Snowshoe Siamese? I have read that generally they have retained the personality of the Siamese only a little more laid back. Specifically though still talkers but with a softer voice. There don't seem to be too many people breeding them. I know they are a relatively new breed and I have also read that it is very difficult to get the white markings right. Since I would be wanting one just as a pet I wouldn't care about the white markings being right.
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I've seen them in shows. They are just called "Snowshoes" and the only thing in common with siamese is the fact they are pointed (like himalayans).

Snowshoes originated with pointed cats (probably old fashioned siamese type) and bicolor cats. They only come in seal or blue points - none of the other point colors are accepted.

You are right about the markings - very few are properly marked and those cats are kept for breeding/showing. Breeders might be lucky to get ONE right marked kitten in a litter. The rest have to be sold as pet quality.

Since you don't want to show, your chances of getting a pet is a lot better. Try looking up just "Snowshoe cat breeders" and go from there. They do have a quieter personality and more laid back.
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I have had both a siamese and a snowshoe... Snowshoes are a bit quieter tend to be a bit bigger( mine was not a show cat looked like a 7-8lb kitty he was 13.5) they are still what some would call dog like( mine walked on a leash with my dogs )...

Others colors may not be accepted for showing but choclates are somewhat common.. I have heard lilac and reds also( never seen)
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