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8 yr old cat hides all the time.

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I have had this cat since she was a kitten she is now 8 years old. This is something she started a few weeks ago. She hides behind the microwave. If I pull her out once I know I pull her out of there at least 10 times in a day. Makes no difference if I used it or not she is there. She used to hang out with either my husband (he was the favorite at one time) or with the youngest son. One would of thought that she would of done this with a new puppy. But no, Jack has been here 8 months. She isn't like either of the other 2 cats we have, she is cold acting. I just don't know what to do with her. Could it just be that she is getting old and cranky? How do I keep her from behind appliances?
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How old is she? Has she seen her vet recently? If she is over 10 years old and hasn't seen her vet recently, then it may be time to schedule a "senior exam" which would include a blood panel which shows organ function.

Cats will sometimes hide when they aren't feeling well. And as always, any time behavior changes, it is always best to rule out health issues first.
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I would suggest also getting her checked at your vets. Quite often when a cat starts hiding like yours is doing the cat is ill.
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She went to the vet in August. Everything there was fine. I thought it was from lack of attention but she never had much interest interest playing or being a lapcat even when she was a kitten. I have removed her 3 times already today, when I walked in the kitchen just a few minutes ago, there she was again. I just unplugged the microwave and left her there. Not sure what else to do. I am just starting to chalk it up to after all the cats I have owned she is just odd.
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Was she doing this before you took her to the vet or did she start after you took her to the vet? If it's started since she's been to the vet, I'd take her back and ask them to check her out again, just to rule out anything medical. Then, I'd look for behavioral/environmental changes.

You might try providing her with a small enclosed bed or box to sleep in. I just got a cardboard box and sealed the bottom shut, cut off the flaps, cut an opening in one end for access and 1 or 2 others for a little bit of light, turned it upside down, and my cat spends HOURS in there. I also put an old towel in there for her to snuggle up with and she loves it.

If she's stressed out, you might try a couple of Feliway plug ins throughout your house, too.

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