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Something's up with Chase

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He is sleeping..constantly...I know all cats do, but he's been in the same 2 spots for about 12 hours. He takes a tour then goes back to his sleeping spot, and stays there. He doesn't even really pay attention when you come in the room.
He does still respond the same to petting, and me talking to him...with instant purring. While laying there, his eyes follow me, but his head never leaves the pillow.
I haven't seen him eat for probably a good day or two, and he didn't touch his favourite treat I set beside him, in fact, he changed sleeping areas after that.
This is certainly not normal behaviour for Chase. I have experience with cats, as I have 6 at home. This laziness has been going on for 3 days now, and it's been worse today...so I am getting pretty worried. I am just wondering, if any of you have had similar experiences with your kitties, and.. Should I wait it out until morning to call the vet, or call him now for a late night visit?
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Hi. How old is Chase? Has he been urinating and drinking more than usual? I may be quick to jump the guns here, but I know lethargy comes with diabetes. I just went through it with my Trixter in the last few months. Lethargy can be from a variety of reasons, but diabetes can cause it, too, as well as the lack of appetite. He may also be constipated. If he has not eaten in two days, I would definitely take him into the vet ASAP and continue to offer him foods until he eats something. If he has been drinking and urinating more than usual, mention diabetes to your vet and have him tested. Hope this helps. Good luck and I hope your baby feels better soon!
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There are a number of things that could be wrong with your kitty. I know sometimes we feel silly for bothering the vet, and espescially if you are just saying 'he/she is lethargic' but its better that, than something being wrong and you not getting there in time.
If I were you I would call as soon as you can
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Matt, my Tibby has gone through the odd phase of seeming lethargic! I have taken him to the vets too, where he instantly perks up and makes me look a little silly!

I would get an appointment for chase, just to make sure that everything is okay! At least it will put your mind at rest, if nothing else!
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Lilly is doing the same thing about not moving,playing or eating/drinking much.BUT, I just adopted her on Friday..........and her Vet visit on Monday was good.
Good luck and I hope your baby bounces back..literally!
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