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This is for Chloe...

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Chloe had to be PTS last year. After that, we got Tiggy, who died one year after we got him. It was too soon to forget Chloe, and I now wonder if that's why Tiggy left us so soon. Chloe, my little white kitty, was very close to us--I didn't meet her until she was 3 years old, but she'd sleep on our laps and on the top of the computer--that's why we put her cremations there. And forever. We thought about burying her, but 1. We'd rather her stay in her favorite spot and 2. We couldn't find the time. But then, Tiggy, started sleeping in all of Chloe's favorite spots--we thought he was channeling her, and would live to be 16 just like she did.
We were wrong.
He died two weeks ago, and was hit by a car.
Chloe, Tiggy? See you at the Rainbow Bridge with Lobelia and Sophie kitties!
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I'm sorry for your losses, mfluffykitty.

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I am so sorry for your losses and pain.

Rest in peace Chloe and Tiggy, together forever.
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I am sorry for your loss!!
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I don't think that the powers that be would have brought Tiggy into your life if it wasn't the right time. And if Tiggy's time in this world was to be so short, it was best for him that he had a safe, secure home and a loving family to enjoy before he left. And maybe he did channel Chloe, and is enjoying romping with her over Rainbow Bridge; they certainly did have alot in common. I hope that your memories of Tiggy and Chloe will bring comfort to your heart; you don't have to stop loving one or stop grieving in order to rescue, comfort, and love another. Susan
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Chloe i'm sure your having a wonderful time over the bridge.

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sendings lots of your way during this time
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Chloe, Tiggy, Lobelia and Sophie kitties
Playing together at the bridge until you are together again.

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