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Does anyone know what this is called?!

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Today at the vet she recommended I start using this stuff that is like an immune system booster. I think that's how she described it, either way that's basically what it does.

Anyway- it comes in a tube that you screw up to get the right dosage, it's like a gooey paste that you have them eat. The tube was white and had a green label on it. It starts with an "L" and I think it was something like Lycosene? It was relatively cheap- about $7 a tube.

Ever heard of this? Ever used this!?
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Interferons? Or is it an herbal or "natural" remedy?
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Oh... duh. I didn't see the rest of your post. Look again and see exactly what it is called... maybe I can look up what's in it.
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I tried looking on petmeds.com and couldn't find anything. I also googled it but nothing really turned up!

I did get the impression that it is kind of like an herbal or natural remedy but it has pharmaceutical (sp!) looking packaging, IMO.
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It is L-Lysine in a paste and it is used for boosting the immune system. I've kept some on hand for a few years now, buying it in powder form by the pound over the internet. Now I don't have so many ferals and may see about getting the paste to use myself. I had never heard of it in paste form till recently on these forums.
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I'm assuming you think it works since you've kept it on hand for a couple years!

Do you notice improvements when you have a cat start taking it? Do you think it's worth it?

They are ordering 2 tubes for me- they use it for 2 of their in-house cats and were almost out- so it should be here by the end of the week.
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Yes, it does work.
I just did a search on lysine and here are some threads with references to it as well as the paste.

I tried to find the couple that I remember from recently, but my head is not so functional tonight. I'm sitting here with vertigo and my focus is off.

I like the idea of a paste that Yeller may like to take since my inside cats have in the past refused to eat food when I put it in there. The ferals that are always outside have always eaten the food up with it in there though.
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It never occured to me to search here- duh!

A long time ago we had to give one of our cats a hairball medicine and the vet told us to wipe it on him like a mustache- then Rascal would lick it off to clean himself, so he had no choice but to eat it... So if for some reason they don't like it I may try this method again Hopefully they'll just eat it!

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It's L-Lysine, and it's a dietary supplement. It's very healthy for them and completely harmless. I give some to Gizmo every day for her feline herpes, and she's done much better since she got it--there is hardly any crust in her nose now. It's not a paste but a gel, and I simply stick it behind her upper front teeth when her mouth's open.

Could you please let me know the brand of the paste?
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I may be mistaken- it could be a gel. They didn't squeeze any out while I was there- just showed me the tube and told me about it. When mine comes in I'll let everyone know if it is pastey or gel-ly or what!
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The product name of the lysine that we use is called Enisyl-F...if that helps at all.
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