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Our cat was hurt in a fight

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Today our spyhnx (hairless) cat was in a fight with another. She received several long scratches and several puncture wounds. Nothing too deep or bleeding too much but the puncture wound area (left side towards the rear) is very sore. While she lets us clean the scratches and apply ointment she hisses and screams when we try and touch the puncture areas.

She has been sleeping most of the last six hours since the fight. We just tried to get her up and she doesn't want to. Finally she did get up moments ago, drank alot of water and ate some food. Now that she has done that she wants to be left alone. A friend said she's probably just very sore and should be okay after a night's rest. Anyone have any helpful thoughts/opinions? Very concerned about the punctures and her reaction. Perhaps this is normal behaviour. She's never had this happen so we're all experiencing it for the first time and are nervous. She does have all her shots.
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Check her temperature every fourth hour. Puncture wounds from cats can give nasty infections but you will see that on her temperature. If the temp is okay she will come around. She might be sore for a while though. If she gets a fever you need to go to the vet ASAP. The infection can spread to the blood and then she needs antibiotics within hours.
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If it were me I would take her into the vet to see if she should have the wound excised and get an antibiotic shot, pills or both.
If the puncture wound is a bite then those can abcess and get very nasty real quick.

I've been on IV antibiotics because of waiting overnight once from a cat bite.

My opinion is better safe than sorry.
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I agree. If it was a bite that caused the wounds, the chances of an abscess infection are pretty high. If you can, try to clean the wounds well and get an antibiotic ointment into them before they close up. If you can keep the wounds open and clean, and get the medicine in there ASAP, she could be just fine. Otherwise, if they close up, the bacteria then start to multiply under the skin, and soon a puss filled lump will form. If this happens, she will need antibiotics and hot compresses on the wound every few hours to keep it open and draining. Just keep a close eye on the wound, and in my opinion, get her to the vet as soon as you can, to be extra safe. Sending healing vibes and prayers. I hope she feels better soon.

My ten year old, Trixter, is diabetic but before he was diagnosed, and when he was allowed outside a few hours a day, he would sometimes get into fights defending his yard and end up with these infections. The wounds would close up so fast and his hair would cover them up so perfectly, so I wouldn't even be aware of them until they started to swell. Each time he was put on antibiotics. However, the one and only time my 2 year old, Smeagol, got in a fight and got a small abcess, I was able to clean and get ointment on the wound almost immediately and it healed up just fine with no other treatment neccessary.

I am sure whatever happens that your baby will be fine, whether she needs antibiotics or not. I know the first time this happened to my boy, I was all freaked out, but after diabetes, etc, I know now that it really isn't a huge deal. So don't stress. I am sure you'll do what's right for your sweet furbaby! And with the right treatment, everything will be fine and she'll heal up in no time!
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I agree, your kitty should be taken to the vet ASAP just to check that there are not more injuries you can't see. Also the last thing you or your kitty needs is an infected bite. I'm sure she is really shaken up aswell.
Let us know how you get on.
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Puncture wounds are more serious - they close quickly and can keep the infection inside longer. Was this a fight between your cats or a strange cat?

I'd take the cat to the vet re: the puncture wounds.
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