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Lazy kitten or something else?

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This has been bothering me for a couple of days now and my Dh says I am over-reacting.
Little background for anyone who doesn't know Lilly's story.
She was a gift from my MIL and we adopted her from the Humane Society(Friday).She was in a small cage with another kitten.No toys......not much room to move.
The first day she was here, she was very inquisitive and checked out the whole house that was open to her.(Corwin and Blaze were in bedrooms that she couldn't check out.)
Saturday morning I noticed that she was VERY lazy and layed around for most of the day.I thought she's just worn out from the move.Give her a day to bounce back.That day has NEVER came!!
She went to the Vet on Monday and was basically given the all clear.Her lungs are clear,heart sounded good,weighs 3.7 pounds,temp. normal,not dehydrated.But, because she has coughed a couple of times and comes from the shelter my Vey decided to give her antibiotice for a possible URI.I told the Vet she lays around and will NOT play at all.I don't see her eat much food.Haven't seen here drink water but once,and sleeps ALOT!!
My Vet said she was o.k. and that it was because she was a shelter kitten and most likely spent the most part of her short life in a cage.
So, we bought more toys and even introduced Corwin to her as he is a VERY playful kitten.
She did nothing but hiss a time or two and then went off and climbed into her new kitten condo to sleep.
Is she o.k.? Is she just a lazy kitten?Or is she so unsocialized with toys, that she doesn't know how to play?
Anyone had this happen before?I've NEVER had a kitten that didn't play!!This is REALLY REALLY bothering me.
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Give her some time to adjust to her new digs.
Think of where she came from, (a small cage with no toys or real interaction with other cats or humans), to where she is now. A whole house with people and other cats to interact with, plus she can pick a comfy spot and crash where it's soft and peaceful without all the other animal sounds and smells.

Those are some pretty drastic changes in a little kits life, (oh yeah, vet visit too). All those changes are stress factors whether the changes are good or bad.

She has already been curious enough to explore once around and decide she could relax so that's a plus. Also, I'm sure she will adjust to your Corwin & Blaze just as they will adjust to her over time.

When she is feeling a little more energetic, (and I'm sure it will happen), you and Corwin may have to teach her about playing. Those are the times that are so fun when they are learning about playing and seeing their enjoyment.

You've done the riight thing by having the vet check her out. Get ready for your little kitten to suddenly make you realize that they are hard to keep uo with.

Congrats on giving a shelter kitty a good home.
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Get ready for your little kitten to suddenly make you realize that they are hard to keep uo with.
I am so waiting for that moment!!!
Thank you VERY much for responding to my post.Since this is the first kitten that I've gotten from the shelter,I wasn't sure if this was normal or not.
She and Corwin have checked each other out.She is still not to keen on him.So, we're giving her time to adjust to him and then hopefully they'll become friends after the slow introductions.Then, we'll work on Blaze.
Thank you again,now I know I WAS overreacting!! LOL!!
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How about trying some toys you can play with together? Like a fishing wand toy? Those she can play with in one place, and you can get her to chase it.
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Thanks to your advice, I went out and bought her one from Wal-Mart!!She LOVES it!!!
I actually saw her eat some food and drink some water a few minutes ago too.We've allowed Corwin to come out and play with her too,and that helps.
Her FAVORITE spot is still my chest,which I enjoy!!!!
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She is finally becoming a playful kitten.

All 3 of them just resting.PLEASE over look the rip in the couch,I had to wash my slip cover and didn't have a chance to put it back BEFORE they all laid by each other! Can't you tell, it's "their" loveseat!!
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What beautiful kits you have!
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Aww, how great!
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