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The Story of Suki, our lovely cat!

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In 1997 we had this ginger cat that kept visiting us from across the block. We took this cat into our hearts and when they left, Ginger (as we called him) left also. This left a huge hole in the house and we decided to adopt a cat from the RSPCA. On Feb 14th (Valentines Day, how apt) the woman from the shelter brought around this lovely black cat in a box. We peered at her through the cage door and she coward back into the cage. We were told she was a very timid cat and would need constant attention, but would also need time to settle down.

The cage was opened and Suki shot into a dark corner and hide. She hid for days, rarely coming out to use her litter and maybe eat a few scraps. The one night I gave her a catnip mouse she got all excited and played with for quite some time. After she'd relaxed I slowly moved towards her, I held my hand out and she shyed away, then out came her paw and she scratched my hand, leaving a nasty cut. At this point I left the room slowly and left alone for a bit. The following evening I was stood looking outside and she appeared next to me, AND she rubbed her face against my hand! It seems that the night before she was 'testing the water' to see if I'd react to her.

The next few weeks were still shaky for her, she followed me EVERYWHERE, to the bathroom, to bed, everywhere. She would not leave my side. She came to me all the time, rubbing my hands and arms, but never venturing onto ground level, only to follow me. We came to the conclusion that she'd me kicked about as a kitten and that's why she was frightened of feet.

Since we got her and over the last few years, she turned from a terrified little kitty into a terrified little cat. She only comes to me and members of the family she knows. If anyone knocks at the door she runs upstairs and hides. She was so frightened at the vets that she actually urinated on the examining table. We all love her to bits and she doesn't go out, she seems perfectly happy in the house with a piece of string and some loo roll. I play with her a great deal and she sleeps above me on the computer desk while I work. Every morning she comes bounding upstairs, waking us both up with squeals of excitement and churups of joy. She clambers on the bed and nuts the hell out of us as she tries to explain how she caught a spider during the early hours.

Anyway, there is much more to tell, but so little space.
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Oh BuNN - that's a lovely story. I'd love to hear more, so would the others I'm sure.

It's always so rewarding when an animal begins to develop trust and love having had a hard time in the past.

Can I be really cheeky and ask a question based on what your profile says? Why would have have to hit us over the head with a sausage if you told us what you did for a living?

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She sounds like a little sweetheart! I love little scardy cats - I have 2 of them. It is extra special when they give you their love and trust!
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What a great story!! I too am curious about the sausage thing..:laughing:
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Thanks for the comments There will be more stories, the time went she got out and went missing for 10 hours is a heart rending one. The visit to the vets to have 5 teeth out will make you cry, it still makes me feel upset when I think of it. Oh go on I'll tell the dentist one.

Suki went in for a routine checkup, all was well until the vet noticed her gums were slightly inflamed. He put it down to Gingervitis and gave her some anti-biotics. She seemed fine and ate like a, um, cat. Anyway he wanted to see her again and have a good look at her teeth, so we took her in again and he got down to his job.

The vet wandered into the waiting room where we where sitting and said he'd have to remove 2 teeth, as they were infected and would cause some severe problems later on. We agreed, obviously, and arranged to bring her in the following day for the operation.

The vets receptionist told us to ring back at 4pm and check up on her. I ran on the dot and was told that she'd had 5 teeth out instead of 2. I burst into tears and cried for an hour. Composing myself I went down to the vets to get her. Aw and what a sight! Her face was so withdrawn, and she didn't even recognise me. The poor little thing looked terrible. The vet have us a collar to stop her scratching her neck and we took her home.

Getting in she was released into the living room, and she could not stand up. The anethetic hadn't worn off and she was walking into walls and falling over. We put the collar on her but she couldn't see, eat or even sleep because of it. So I spent the next week sleeping downstairs and stopping her from scratching. I got no sleep, but it was worth it. The funny thing was she never once scratched her face, it's as though she knew not too.

Anyway, she's now fine and her new nickname is 'Gummy'

And remember, if I tell you what I do I will have to beat you with a sausage
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Poor little thing, that must have been so horrible for her (and you).
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I love reading stories about everyone's kitties. You know, the recurring theme in both of these is how much you truly adore Suki. She is a very lucky little girl, and you are very lucky too that she loves you and trusts you like she does.
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