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Overly needy?

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My two kittys , Garfield and Bella are on me constantly...I can even go to the bathroom with them trying to jump on in my arms, I can type without them doing it, I sleep with them, they are in my arms as I dust the house!!!!!!
It makes me wonder sometimes, do they just love me, or are they trying to tell me something?
When my son acts like that its because he is sick, so thats why I worry with the cats.Although Ive heard when they are sick they usually want to be left alone.
Im just a worry type of person, but Ive never seen 2 cats so dag needy
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My Oliver is so, so needy!
I think its because he was so little when I got him: only 4 weeks old-- so he really thinks that I am his mommy! He's always whining for me to pick him up or pet him, it's a full time job!
If Garfield and Bella are still babies, and were very little when you got them, that could be part of it.
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Mikey is the same way. I think its about love and also partly because you hold them all the time..they expect it. I think if you hold them a lot less they will ask for it a lot less. Mikey used to HAVE TO HAVE a smell or bite of whatever i was eating...jumping on my lap to do so. Dan thought it was soooo not going to happen when he moved in. Well i started telling him no and so did dan. now whenever we eat he stays away until i call him over (usual just for a lick of icecream or some turkey from a sandwhich).
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That's sweet, that's love. Enjoy it!! Kitty love is wonderful. If they didn't love you so much and trust you, they wouldn't be doing it.
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