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Does your cat flush?

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I soooo hope that Boo doesn't learn this one...he already has an obsession with the toilet!

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Tom Tinker (RB) used the toilet - taught himself - but never got the hang of flushing, thank goodness.
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Kaylee flushes the toilet while im sitting on the toilet!
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What clever kitties!
The cat in the video is wasting loads of water though!
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I don't play that video at home, because it could give 8-Bit ideas
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Yes. She does.

She discovered what the shiny silver piece of the toilet did... she likes to watch it flush... add those two together and you've got a cat who wakes you up at 3 am flushing the toilet repeatedly.

She also likes to turn on the light so she can see it better

Good thing I get free water with my apartment!
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I sure wish my girls would flush sometimes - lol, sure would beat scooping the litter 2x a day lol. Mine have discovered how to turn the lights on and off and unlock doors though lol
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That is so awesome
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The only thing Zebra knows how to do is open the closet door. My cousins cat knows how to use the water cooler. He holds down the handle until the dish is full and then drinks it. My parents have a video of it, its pretty funny to see.
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