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Our cat-garden is ready - pictures

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Saturday evening our cat-garden was finally ready and the cats loves it. They practically lives there now.
The kittens are growing fast and well and for the first time I managed to get a close up picture on mama Moa.

Please note: You will see that Agnes has an eye infection It is a lot better after antibiotica treatment but they have just had the sneezing disease and are still recovering. Little Gypsy has one eye that is not completely open. It has stayed the same now for six weeks but is not getting worse. She almost lost her eye due to Chlamydia and before treatment it was completely closed. We were hours from having to take the eye away but the vet wanted to try a little bit longer with medication. We keep a close controle of any changes for the worse. Both Tosca and Gypsy had one eye completely closed from swollen tissue and Silas was completely blind for the same reason - and look at them now. The red little guyes both had pnemonia and Silas also. Silas also had the sneezing disease chronically - the vet thought - but it seem to be gone (nock on wood).
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looks fun.
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Thats excellent, at least your guys can out and be safe.

Must have taken a lot of work to fix that up.
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That looks like so much fun! I will definately be building one of those when we have the space!
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That is so cool that you would make such a nice garden for your kitties.
Great pics, too. The one entitled Ice2 of him on his back with his little paws up is just toooo cute. I want to rub the little round kittybelly.
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What a wonderful gift you've given your kitties! I know that they are going to just love that Kitty garden...

However--I do have one word of caution. One day while watching tv, I kept hearing a "thumping noise" coming from outside, so I went out to check. My old cat enclosure also had "chicken wire"...The noise I was hearing was Sebastian, one of my cats, thrashing around trying to get loose. His back foot had slipped through one of the holes in the chicken wire, and he was hanging upside down and couldn't get loose. If I hadn't been home, he could have ended up breaking his leg/dying from hanging there...please keep an eye on them!
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Oh. Thank you for the warning Gaia. Now I'm scared. We are home a lot. I will be home for two more weeks for my back but even when I am working my husband works shift so they are never alone more than four hours. I think I will lock them up inside when we are not around.
They do love it and they don't look terrified anymore.
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