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I just wanted to post that I had to take my babies to the vet's last night for what I thought was a URI, but the vet thinks it may be kitty chlamydia, I have anti-biotics and ointment for them and all my other cats were vaccinated against it, but since these 2 haven't been totally healthy since I got them I haven't gotten them any shots yet, there are FIV and FeLV positive, so any idea where it came from? did they just have it and it took almost a month for it to manifest?

Also, the babies are approximately 12 weeks old and Eros weighs 4 lbs!! what a little porker Nike only weighed 2.7 lbs, still a good weight! It's strange cause Nike is the food hog, she stuffs herself silly at dinner, Eros will stop and she will eat the rest of his portion and then sometimes move on to the rest of Sapphy's if I don't catch her quick enough! I guess he's just going to be a big boy