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Roadkill immediate help!!

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HI Folks

I did a quick search on google and ended here, im not much of a kitty kat individual but 5 days ago a mama street cat ended up as roadkill leaving behind her fugly kittens.

I came accross them while walking my pooch....they are extremely tiny, just about opened their eyes. I know for a fact if i leave them there they will DIE! cuz their mama been dead for about a day and they already looked like they starving to i really felt bad and had to take them in....i purchased a babby bottle however the nozzle was too huge for their tiny i got them to drink my own way...anyways thats not important! whats important is that one of the kittens is having disgusting eye problems....when i first took them in, two kittens had eye problems....cleaned both of them using eye droplets from the local pharmacy which fixed him up....however just today the other kitten is oozzing yellow crap more than ever...i kept cleaning however it just keeps going on everytime i check back on them (every 3-4 hours)....they are healthy and have a huge apetite for milk...but this female kittens eye doesnt wanna work properly

thanks ppl
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They are not healthy, eye goop is usually a symptom of an upper respiratory infection, they need a vet and antibiotics.
They also need formula specifically for cats as cow's milk is not at all good for them.

This site should have some valuable resources for you.
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I'm grateful that you took in those babies

However, they need to be checked out by a vet, and fed properly. I don't know what you are feeding them, but many if not most cats are lactose intolerant and get diarrhea from cow's milk.

The diarrhea that they are having might be related to that, or to the fact that they have something else wrong with them. It's not uncommon for cats from outside to have intestinal worms or other health problems.

Also, kittens that small need to be fed frequently.

Can you seek help from a local animal shelter on what to feed the kittens, and see if they have a vet that you can take them to to get them checked out at a reduced price? If you get the kittens registered with the local shelter, they might let you foster the kittens after teaching you the proper way to do it, and they will also help with the vet costs while they are in foster care with you.

Also, I don't recommend using medications meant for people on the kittens. While some are ok, many aren't and sometimes our intent to help causes more harm than good. I'm not saying that those drops weren't good, because I don't know, but it's better to be safe and check these things out before administering medication.
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hey natalie,

The kittens are pooping very well, no dairahea. On sunday i did a little test with little peices of shredded chicken. They were feasting on it like crazy to the point where i was affraid theyd choke. Their tummies looked like they swallowed a balloon after lunch, so im back to giving them milk until they deflate.

Honestly im in Kuwait, and taking street kittens to the local vet isnt a good idea at all. Theyll probably put them to sleep as they have more important and "exoticer" animals to care for.

The only trouble here is that im worried this kitty will go blind, because im gonna let go of them once they are able to move around. So other than antibiotics, should i just keep cleaning its eyes until it runs out of that slime?

oh and thanks aryn for the website , ill take pictures but i do not see a way to attach them!
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Can you at least talk your own doctor into giving you some generic (and very mild!) antibiotic drops for him/her?
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A good eye ointment that takes nasty infections is terramycine. As far as I can see that is an international name. On the link mentioned below (by Arlyn) you can find a recepie for home made formula that is better for kittens than normal milk.
If they can eat chicken they can probably drink the formula them selves so you don't have to bottle feed them. Home made chicken bullion is also good for them.

There is a good explanation of how to upload photos on this link:

Pleae let us know how it goes and good luck.
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hello guys,

Still got the kittens, theyre almost twice the size since i took em in! The eye infection started getting really nasty, water and basic dry eye solution wasnt doing it anygood. Three days ago her eyes swelled and looked like a freaking goldfish. I finally decided to go to the pharmacy to ask for Malena's reccomendation of terramycine.

They didnt carry it, the pharmacist told me its outdated and nobody uses this anymore. Im like please recommend something similar for a tiny kitten going blind....So he prescribed something called TOBREX (Tobramycin), GOT IT (expensive crap!). I got home and applied the droplets to the kittens eyes...i mean they were so messed up my eyes were tearing!!...anyways i cant beleive how effective this medicine is! its amazing! i woke up this morning and the kittens eyes is not sealed! so thank god and thanks you guys, kittens owe you big time

If you guys interested in pictures let me know! otherwise you know what teeny kittens look like
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I think no one on here would complain if you posted some pics of these babies! I'm glad the little ones eyes are looking better!
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Don't stop the medicine just because it looks better now... antibiotics are funny and it's important that you keep going for at least a week or so to be sure it's all cleared up (you got very lucky with that pharmacist!).
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Yes we want pictures.
Good that they are growing. I know what a job it is to be the only mama for small kittens. You are doing a great job.
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Im in Pakistan ....thank God vets are good here but my 2 boys had eye infections when i got them and the vet gave them normal antibiotic eye drops meant for humans so as long as you can find eye drops for an eye infection and give it 2 them 3 times a day they hopefully will be ok soon

my 2 kitties were much better within days

good luck with it nice that you took them in
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I'm so glad you got some medicine for your new babies! We had to use tobramycin on our cat when we first got her due to an upper respiratory infection. We even had to put one drop a day in each nostril! (Not fun!!)

Keep us posted on how your new little ones are doing!

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