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Friend's sister needs to rehome her cat

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After having a baby, she realized the cat wanted to get in and snuggle with the baby and that freaks her out. They tried putting the cat in the basement, but it cried all night. Apparently, her husband wants to shoot it, so I am considering taking him.

He is 4 years old and front and back declawed. My cat is about 18 mo. old and has all his claws. Will this work???

I would put the new kitty in its own room and follow the slow introduction thing, but I just wondered, can you have a cat with claws and one without for the long haul???

It just breaks my heart though, that this cat would be shot because these people didn't take time to plan ahead!!! I know MY husband is NOT going to want another cat, so any ideas on how to change his mind would be helpful also! Thx!!!
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Poor kitty. In a situation where a cat is in immediate danger, I just bring them home, and worry what my SO says later. He grumps around a little, but is always glad we helped the kitty. I would think the possibility of being shot is immediate danger. I have never had a declawed cat, so I can't advise you on that.
Good luck with this, and bless you for helping this poor baby.
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Guys like her husband make me sick!!!!!!!!!

That cat is in danger and I agree about taking it in on an emergency basis.

Others can recommend introduction techniques and how to manage with one clawed and one declawed cat. But please, please, please that in that poor baby

Even if you can't keep it, you can take it to a NO KILL CAT SHELTER Those shelters are just what they say, NO KILL!!!

What's that guy going to do when his kid cries too much or sticks porridge in his DVD player, or any number of other "destructive" things kids tend to do while they're growing up.... take it outside and shoot it too?

Sorry, but I have absolutely no patience for people like that guy. He wants to shoot a poor defenseless animal because it's in the way. I can't imagine him having kids. Frankly I'd be more than a bit concerned with him being around kids period.
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My daughter has 2 cats, one declawed on all 4. They get along pretty well. The one with claws does sometimes pick on the other, biting his back feet as to say, "I know you don't have any weapons to hurt me!", but they never hurt eachother. I think you'd be ok.
I have just adopted a 5 year old male declawed cat, and he is just the sweetest kitty ever. He is so appreciative and loving.
I say take the cat out of the bad situation, and everything will work out.
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