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Daily Thread - Tuesday

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Good Morning

Well, $350 later and I have electricity in my living room again

It's another cold start around here, only 36 degrees! I've got a doctor's appointment this morning, so I am up and about much earlier than normal.

I plan on hitting a few stores after my appointment

Have a great day everyone!
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Good morning everyone.
Just got the kids off to school and Dh is in the bed resting after a restless night.
Just fed Blaze and Corwin and gave Lilly her antibiotics...........which she HATES!!!
Now, I'm just chillin' until my mirgrane eases up enough that I can get some sleep.
Not much going on today around here other than DH has a check-up on his knee,which is healing VERY well
Have a great day all.
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Good luck with your appointment, Karen I bet you can't wait until it's over and you are shopping.

I on the other hand, am ready to go back to bed
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Good morning all! Looks like a cool day here too, not nearly like Karen's 36 thought. Only 65 for us... but a nice break nonetheless.

Have a great day everyone!
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good morning all
my bf and i actually got some sleep last night we went to bed at 8 o'clock, but its 7 30 am and i am wake which never happens and its cold here its only 39 degrees and supossed to get up to 61 i think today. i also had a docs appt yesterday my yearly but everythings good like always just glad i got it over with well everyone have a good day!!!!!
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I am really ill and i see bills all over the place!

I got two birthday presents in the post today so it really made my day!
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Good morning!

I just got up and I think I might go back to bed for a little while. I seem to have caught a bad cold
I have class this afternoon. I was hoping to go early and go to Yoga class too but it will depend on how I feel after another little nap.
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Good morning everyone!!

Fall is in the air here as well. It's very chilly and gray outside.

My friend is coming into the city today with her husband and 2 children. I'm planning on meeting them at one of the areas childrens attractions.

Have a great day all!!
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Ive got a dr appt to this morning-- to draw blood for labwork -- and to make it even better, its fasting blood work which means i can have anything to eat or drink (except water) from 9pm last nite to after my appt today . They think i may be insulin resistant. Oh Joy!

Other than that, I have to go to work after i finish at my drs appt. I had to leave work after an hour and half yesterday as my daughter was sick vomiting. Mondays are our worst days and I hated leaving my coworkers, but hubby couldnt take off and I was in tears that my baby girl was sick.

So thats it for me today Happy Happy Joy Joy! <insert sarcasm>

with Beavis and Peanut Butter Toast
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Its been raining since Sunday night-almost 1 inch to add to Friday's 3/4". The is sorely needed rain but doesn't help me to try to get and landscaping work done!! Cool too in the upper 50's!!
The cats have been house bound -Bobber must have been traumatized at the vet yesterday as she slept most of the day-she even crawled in my lap while I was on the sofa reading!!
So for today-its primary day so I have to vote sometime. I started to organize my books, I was putting some older ones in the goodwill pile but looked them up and the internet and decided to keep them (somewhere) instead as I only pd $1 but are worth $20 and up!!
Waiting (patiently) to here from some clients about jobs, might do some mending (i think I said that yesterday!!)
That's about all!!!
Have a good day!!
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It's raining this morning and I was out in it. Needed a few items - such as a VHS tape because tonight is the premier of Dancing With the Stars and it is opposite House! And then there was a mosquito in my van that kept flying around my face as I drove.
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Morning all!

Its been a crazy hectic morning already - its SO cold out too ( but I love it! )

We are moving our office today into another office (b/c of us moving the body shop) so I'm not sure how much longer I'll be on TCS - plus my computer at home is on the fritz, so my TCS time is going to be cut short for awhile!

I hope you are all having a wonderful Tuesday!
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It's going to be a grey day here in Toronto according to the weather forcasters.

I'm playing referee once again between Nakita and Phoenix. Actually, Nakita just came out of the bedroom from sleeping. Let the games begin! Phoenix has started pushing Nakita a little further each day with 'playing'. I'm just waiting for a royal smack down from Nakita today or tomorrow.

Found a new crockpot recipe book that I'm going to try out. You can never have too many crockpot recipes in my opinion. I love how easy it is.

Also, I'm trying to get through the first two seasons of Lost before the third season starts. I never wanted to watch it but Rob loves it so I'm giving it a chance. My main show that I watch is Prison Break. Love that show!

Have a great day!
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It's a nice Tuesday for me. I'm off today. I only get Tuesdays and Thursdays off so I'm just relaxing today. I have to do laundry and go out for a bit though.
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Hello everyone!!!
Last night we tore apart the rental. Took everything out of it, ( and I mean everything, carpets included!) and set it out for fall cleanup. I hope someone will come by and take some of it because I think we have too much stuff out there, It's supposed to be a small pickup load, but well, it's a little bigger then that.
Oh well, at least it's mostly cleaned out. Now we can go in there and start to really clean it up and get it ready for new renters. It's hard paying two sets of bills like this. I can't wait to get it done.

Other then that, it's work day again and I'm still fighting my cold. (ICKY!) Oh well, what can ya do?

Have a fantastic day all!
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Well it's evening here....I took a sick day. I got home about 2 this morning from helping my best friend pack her suitcases for her move. I also said goodbye! So needless to say I didn't get to sleep till after 3 and then it was fitful. So add in some allergies to a lack of sleep and emotions...I needed today off! So I slept on the couch till noon after DH went to work. Then I ate my leftovers from the dinner I hardly touched last night...then slept till a friend called me about 4:30-5ish. Now time to make DH some dinner. I still feel kinda tired. I need to do my walking too! Yesterday was so busy I missed it. We'll see what I get done. I may tell DH to pick something up on his way home again. Poor guy.
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Everyone needs a mental health day sometimes

Crockpot recipes! Now that it is getting cooler, it's almost beef stew time!
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