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Toronto has been invaded!

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Toronto has been invaded is the best of ways. Yesterday marked the start of World Youth week and the Pope arrived yesterday. There are hundreds of thousands of youth from around the world here to celebrate with the Pope. The Pope's arrival They are happy and joyful and add so much to my city! They are riding the subways and bursting into Christian song on the streets and on public transportation. It is wonderful to see young people in the news who aren't doing anything wrong or getting in trouble. If you have ever wondered where all the good kids are - I can tell you they are in Toronto this week! the youth
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How does he keep going? I went to Rome last year and popped into St Peter's for a look about, however there was mass going on with some old geezer chuntering on in Italian, so we left to grab a coffee and to have a walk about. About 90 minutes later we came back, thinking that mass would of finished - oh no - same bloke still going on and on. And then I realised I recognised the voice (too many times being forced to listen to Urbi et Orbi as a child)- yep, it was the Pontiff. We hung around for about 30 minutes, trying not to get in the way or disturb the celebrants, and he was still sermonising.....

I remember when he came to the UK back in the 80s - the place went mad. It became hip to be RC.
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He looks like a gentle breeze will knock him over, but he keeps on going! It is amazing what faith a determination can do!
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I went to the Vatican in 1995 while on vacation, and he was doing a Mass that day as well! I even got a set of roseary beads that had been blessed by him. Very inspiring.

I think the youth world week is a great event.

Edit: I just realized the first time I posted this I put 1955 instead of 1995. Sorry.
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My cousin and her husband were married by the now Pope when he was Cardinal (?) of Krakow back in the late 60s. I've got a picture somewhere of it.

I'd love to see the Pope either conducting a mass or doing Urbi et Orbi. Although I'm not madly religious, the Catholic faith keeps prodding me occasionally and I'd like to see JP II before he shuffles off - he looks so ill, bless him.

I remember when he came to London too. His helicopter landed in Wembley real close to where my Aunt lives ,and we all piled down to see it. Then we got dragged into Central London to listen to the mass.

It was quite exciting at the time, you get all caught up in the spirit of the thing.

I'm so glad Toronto is experiencing these 'peace vibes'.
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I'm not very religious but I think it is wonderful how so many people have come from so far for this gathering. They had a lot of them on the news, some from as far as Africa. I think that's really neat, the power of it all.
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