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Scratching Despite Treatment

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Hello again, I came here some months back for advice and was impressed by the help and friendship I found here.
This time my problem is........ one of my cats was scratching a lot, some crusty lumps around neck area. I treated her with anti-flea/tick behind the neck drops by Bob Martin but she still is the same. Anyone have any idea what the problem may be?
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She might have ringworm, or she might have an allergy. My cat had similar problems; I took her to the vet and I'm reporting the results in the header "There's a Fungus Among Us."
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Hi, welcome back!

If she is clear from fleas then it could be either an allergy or anxiety/behavioral. To check for fleas, either rub your kitties fur (backwards and forwards) over a piece of white printer paper, you'll be able to see black spots if there are still fleas. Or you can use a flea comb and put the fur into a piece of cotton wool - again, you can see black spots if fleas are present.

I think that after checking for fleas, you might want to visit your vet so that you can rule out any allergies.

Also, how long has she been scratching? Has anything changed within your home? A new addition, moved furniture etc? It is possible that it could be an anxiety/behavioral issue, but it would certainly be best to rule out food allergies first!
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Thanks for replies, I have been away recently and not at home much either but I used the anti-flea treatment because she was scratching before I went away. maybe a trip to the vets may be in order.
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If you used an over-the-counter flea medication that could possibly be your problem as well. OTC medications are often ineffectual and can actually be dangerous to your cat.
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My feeling is that the actual over the counter treatment has not worked and I am left with the same symptoms that I had before I used it.
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I definitely agree that a trip to the vet is in order. If she is itching like that it must be terribly uncomfortable. I know I had a bad allergic reaction to some medication my doctor gave me last December and the itching was horrific - I couldn't even sleep so I can imagine how awful kitty must feel.
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I would suggest a trip to the vet to rule out allergies and/or fleas, and to get some Frontline spot-on treatment there if fleas are the problem. It's expensive, but very effective.
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