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uh oh... i taught my cat something bad.

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i close my door a lot, and my ct would paw at my door, and i'd let her in. time and time again.. now she knows if she wants in=paw. but pawing at the door is INCREDIBLY annoying. the door raddles back and forth between the hindges and whatever, and i just am always irritated. i almost feel like my cat has it in for me. if i dont let her in, she gets louder and louder and paws harder and faster!

how do i turn this around? :/
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Stop replying to her scratching! It'll be seriously annoying, but she'll get it eventually. This is called "extinction" of a conditioned response... a process whereby she learns that a method that once works, no longer does.
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Let her in before closing the door.
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Can you leave your door open? I assume that it's an interior door that you're speaking of?
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Sam has taught us that it is time to get up and feed him when he "paws" on the sewing room door that is closed. It is so annoying, the door just bangs away and then he just does it harder and faster when we don't respond. He doesn't do it all the time, just enough to annoy us, but not enough for us to remember to do something about that door for the next time. Cats are so intelligent.
For your problem, try putting some foam strips, like the ones used in weather stripping, in some strategic spots on the door to deaden the banging of the door, that may help.
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ah. okay. ill just ignore my cat
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we try to keep the cats out of the bedrooms for allergy issues (yeah Im allergic to cats and have 4 of them!) and when they started banging on the doors I put double sided tape on the bottom of the doors and up the side so when they went to paw they stuck to it and they didnt like that. I also made no response when they pounded or meowed at the door. It worked, it took a while. You could try something like that but a word of caution about the double sided tape, it can take off the finish on your doors so you have to be prepared to repair that part of the door!
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