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Should this girl be punished?

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She *staged* her own abduction, left her two dogs inside the car as well and went shopping while hundreds of volunteers combed the area thinking she was *abducted!* There were candlelight vigils held for her and tearful friends and relatives interviewed, while the entire time she was off in Seattle at the mall! The state spent over $50,000 looking for her body.....Full story here:

Teen Not Abducted
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She deserves at least a charge of public mischief and whatever else they can throw at her! How horrible for her family and friends - how can you willing put your family thru that!
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Yes, I think she should have some sort of punishment. Two 14 year old boys here staged their abduction last year (they mailed their parents ransom notes and everything) but they didn't get in trouble at all.
Anyway, she obviously knew that doing that was going to cause a stir. And this probably seems minor to all the money and time that went into the search, but she should get in trouble for leaving her dogs in the car. (I'm not sure if it's an offense in Oregon, but it is here).
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At the very least, she should be made to pay for at least some of the expenses her irresponsible behaviour caused. I hope that girl never has children. She'd probably leave them in the car, too.
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This brat needs a good spanking! With all of the kidnapped and murdered kids, lately, didn't she realize that disappearing, like that would get SOMEONE worried?

She is, obviously too immature, to be allowed out, on her own. Leaving the dogs in the Jeep was the least of it. If she was MY kid, the Jeep would be sold, her driver's license confiscated and the only places that she'd be going, for the next two years, would be to school and to work!
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Ya, she should have to pay a fine or something ..... Too many kids now a days do actually go missing, and some are never found. I think counseling for her might be in order, too?? Maybe take her license away like Cindy said & ground her. Some kids seem so immature
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What a complete lack of respect for her parents. I do hope that she is punished somehow. I'm thinking community service ($50,000 dollars worth!) would be appropriate since the community spent useless hours searching for her. I am going to knock on wood and hope my children think twice before doing something this stupid. And those poor dogs....
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She should definitely be punished....that was horrible to put her friends and family through that, not to mention the poor dogs.
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