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Wednesday's DT

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Well....things are looking up a little. I feel much better today. Boy was that some rocky ride. I have had the flu before but never for over 4 days. Ridiculous. As they say,...onwards and upwards.

I walked into work and people said "Oh...you look much better today". I cringe at the thought of what they saw when they looked at me on monday and tuesday! LOL.

Not much going on today. My stomach is a little quesy because I have to make a call to the bank in a few hours. My husband is wanting to purchase a Grain truck. He owns his own dump trucks and in the fall, he hauls corn and soybeans for the farmers. This has been something in his family since he was young. He purchased his first dump truck at 18 and worked side by side with his dad since. Last year, his dad was told he has liver cancer. Needless to say, we all know the outcome of this. Once it's in the liver, there is basically nothing they can do. Plus...he has refused treatment of any kind. Tried it last year and decided against it. So....in order to be able to continue to assist the farmers, we need to purchase a bigger truck & pup. My nerves are shot. We have a little over 3 years left on the house and this will be the first time we ask for something so big. (It seems big to me). The choices are limited. We either do this and add more payments to our depts or risk losing the farmers business. He can't run from farm to farm with one dump truck and no help. His father is unable to work this year. So...this is my morning task. I am just not used to having big loans and the house was almost completely paid off so, it's a little intimidating and scary and bittersweet at the same time. It's really all about my husband not wanting his father's dream to go down the drain. (my husband works full time elsewhere also). I really hope it works but boy, I'm nervous about making the call! I almost feel like I've done something bad. Funny.....(BTW: Thanks...it feels good getting this off my chest, I can't really talk about this with anyone we know because, well...it's personal and his dad would kill me if he knew I was talking about his cancer and my husband would probably do the same if he knew I was confiding in anyone he knew! This way....we're all happy! Gotta love this site!)

Well....hope everyone has a great day!

What's happening at your ends?
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Just did my first ever presentation to prospective clients. BOY was I scared.

I'm used to dealing with people, meeting people and working with agencies, but this is the first time in my life I've had to sit in front of total strangers and tell then what a great agency we are. Thankfully one of our Directors was with me, and as it was Hitachi Corporate we were pitching to, it was great, as she works on Hitachi Consumer.

But it all went OK - they were interested in what we had to say, and personally that was a huge hurdle for me to overcome.

Now all we need is to get some work from it so I can start justifying my salary!!
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I am glad you are feeling better Ghys! I hope everything goes well at the bank and I can certainly understand your anxiety about the situation.

Yola - go luck with getting them to invest or buy or whatever you were wnating them to do!

I am extremely tire today again - I am having trouble sleeping once more. I maybe got 3 hours sleep last night and none of it was together. All I want to do is lie down.

All of our major computer systems at work that I need to do my job are down. The only things I can access are the cate site and my work e-mail and the e-mail is slow! I won't complain as I don't have the energy to work anyway. The techies are working on the problem, but it is nation wide - system wide issue. Who knows when they will fix!

I am going to start with exercising tonight when I get home. I hope I have the energy!

I hope everyone else is having a good day!
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We harvested all our cherry trees yesterday so I am up to my elbows in cherries. I will be making jams today as soon as I drop off McKenzie to be spayed. It is supposed to hit the 90 mark too- hopefully it won't because boiling jars is hot work, the the end product is so good! We have one tree that produces pure yellow cherries with no blush. No one seems to know what type of cherries these are. I have never seen anything like it, and they taste like banannas. The man that used to own this house was a traveling salesmen and he brought the tree home many years ago and planted it. It only produces every other year, and you have to literally get on a ladder and into the tree itself to find the cherries, because the leaves are also a yellow color. But they are the best and sweetest I have ever tasted, and I have buckets and buckets of these as well.

Ghys, I am glad you are feeling better today. Good luck in your new business venture!

Ady believe it or not, exercising will give you more energy. Perhaps you won't be quite so tired once you get into an exercise program. Also, if you drink a lot of water that helps with your energy level too. Sorry you are having problems sleeping, I know how that goes!
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Hissy!!! You can send a jar of that jam my way! Sounds like you will be very busy today!!!

Ghys....sorry to hear about your father-in-law. I am glad you are feeling a little better today, though.

Ady...too bad we live so far apart, I too can't sleep, and so we could just stay up and talk on the phone till we got tired!

Not much planned today...a friend is coming over to visit with me and see the babies room, and the kittens.

Yesterday I had lunch with hubby and his mother. The lunch was good.
I love his mother very much, but she was on my nerves yesterday...she means well, I know...but she kept saying I needed to take my carseat back and get a new one, since there is a recall on the handle...well I have already talked to them and they are sending a new handle, so no big deal...I have a used one that will work just fine till we get the parts for the new one. Then she told me that one looked too small, and that it looked like an infant car seat...I'm like, "well, ya...it IS an infant car seat..." and she says, "well why would you buy one of those, the baby will outgrow it in a few months." and I said, "we are planning on buying a bigger one when that time comes" but she seemed to think we should have bought one that adjusts, and pointed out that her daughter had bought one that she could use from the time her child was born until he was 5.
Then she told my husband that she heard he might be able to pay less child support on his other kids, if he told them we were expecting a baby. I don't know if this is true or where she heard this, but then he asked me to go to the child support recovery place and ask them about it. I was tired, and really didn't think it was my job...there's no reason he can't check into that, so I said I really didn't want to, and that he should probably be the one to take care of that...so then mother-in-law points out that her daughter always did things like that for her husband.
I just cahnged the subject...."Boy this chicken sure is good, huh???"

I love her, she's got a good heart...but some days...

Hope everyone has a great day today....maybe I will get lucky and go into labor tonight, though I'm sure in the throes of excruciating pain, I won't think I'm lucky...
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SSDD. Some mucky-muck, from corporate is due at the store, today. Everyone was in a tizzy, last night, to get the store looking good.

We have a new policy for tobacco sales: card ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE! This is ridiculous, in the case of regular customers and obviously elderly ones but, I HAVE to do it or, risk losing my job. I, actually, had to card an 83-year-old woman yesterday. It took her 10 minutes, to figure out what brand she wanted. Then, it took her another 10 minutes, to find her ID and ANOTHER 10 minutes, to find her money! The scary part is: she has a driver's license!

It was raining, when I got off work, last night. That knocks down the temp but, the humidity has Bill breathing hard and my arthritis aching.

Happy hump day!
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Now I remember why I hate looking for a new place to live! I've pretty much given up on renting a townhome, since all of them want someone to move in right now, and they won't even talk to me once I say I'm looking to move at the end of next month. So I'm back to apartments, which means trying to find ones that accept 2 cats, and won't ask too many questions. I'm absolutely amazed at how many require declawing. And they still want a $200-400 deposit per cat! YIKES! So now I am narrowing it down by what we can afford, which of those takes cats, and which of those have washer/dryer hookups. Luckily I have Friday afternoon off so we can start visiting places and see what they actually look like.

Other than this whole fiasco, I'm doing pretty well. I'd just really like an extra 2-4 hours in the day, that I don't have to work. Too much to do and not enough time.
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A small brown mouse just ran across my foot in out lounge at work. it nearly gave me a heartattack!
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Hey, Adrienne: maybe its time for "Bring Your Cats to Work Day".
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My cat's only deal with fake mice - they wouldn't know what to do with a real one! Thank heavens I don't buy my lunch from work - I am just thinking of all of the health ramifications!
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That's kind of what I thought, too! I don't know where she hears these things??
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Some places factor in the subsequent wife's income and raise the man's support payments.
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They won't use the wifes income to raise his support payments here in Iowa, we have checked on this before.
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