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Kitty's got a rash

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I have a 5 year old over weight male cat , Ezekiel (Zeky). A while ago he began to lose small patches of hair on his hind end. at first I thought it was because he was too fat and was licking the same spots over and over, but the hair would grow back then fall out again. then he started developing small sores I thought fleas, I treated for fleas and placed Antibiotic cream on the sore. He licked off the cream not much help. Then treated him with Boudreaux's butt paste (a diaper rash cream). (Works great on human rashes by the way great product). It would heal up for a little while days or even weeks then comes back. This last time it only worked for two days. It is a raw rash like irritation some times with a clear discharge. I am thinking the vet may be my only option but some one told me it could be a mite. How would I treat that?? Does make since the bug population here in Mississippi has grown since Hurricane Katrina. Any home remedy ideas before I haul Zeky to the vet?????
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It could be a food allergy as well. I really would recommend taking your cat to the vet. I wouldn't be comfortable putting on human ointments and such that the cat can lick off and maybe cause more harm than good.
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My cat has a fungal infection with very similar symptoms, though the lost fur is all on her head. I think that there are a lot of molds in the houses that Katrina hit and so this might affect the people and the cats. All I can recommend is that you get a topical creme from the vet that deals with fungus. You might also try getting a dehumidifier.

The pills I got for Gizmo cost a fortune. I hope that she eats the medicine and I hope even more that it gives her no side effects.

Good luck with your kitty.
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