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Suki Video

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I used my small digital camera to make a small video of our cat, Suki. It's in .avi format and will play on Windows Media Player, and probably most others too. You will need Winzip to unzip the file. The download is roughly 3Mb in size and will take 15 minutes on 56k and 20 seconds on ADSL. You will have go to the site as Geocities isn't great with links to other places. The video is on the first page.

My webpage

Hope you like it
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I have real player, but not the winzip, and it says it costs $29 to download it. Otherwise I would go check out your video...I am sure it is cute!
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Winzip is free to trial and you don't have to register it. I use it all the time and I haven't paid for it. It's perfectly legal because if you buy the register version you get some extras.

I'll upload the unzipped one so you can see it without downloading winzip.
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Okay I have upload the new file. It's slightly bigger but not much. It's under the same link as before. Right click on the link and 'Save Target As' it will then download. Any problems let me know I'll sort something out.
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Hey, BuNN: this techno-illiterate did it!

Suki is a pretty kitty!
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Yay katl8e, someone has seen Suki in action at last Glad you like her, we love her to bits. She was in the back yard under our garage roof, she can't get out of there, but she can get fresh air when she needs too. BTW, there's no car in there any more, Suki claimed it for her sunning spot in summer
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I just watched it!!! Suki is a beautiful cat!!! Good job on the video!
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Cool thanks. I'm glad you've seen it, I had to show her off in all her cute glory
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