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Alice won't burry her litter :(

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I can't seem to find any information on it..

My cat, Alice, has always used the litter box without fail but she never actually burries anything. it doesn't matter if I've just changed/scooped/cleaned the litter box or if it's had a couple rounds; if it's outside on the patio or in its regular spot in the living room, she just leaves it on top!

She scratches the sites of the hood (it's covered) instead for a good minute depending on the type of litter (ex: she won't do the scratching thing with "Tidy Cats").

I've tried different amounts of litter in the box too (thinking maybe it's a "less or more" thing)
But nothing seems to have any effect anymore.

She's a very...*ahem* pungent kitty, so you can imagine this can be a problem. My roommates aren't too happy with the situation and I'd like to fix it so when she uses the box when I'm not home they won't have to deal with the smell.
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My Skinny doesn't either. I think it goes back to when they were kittens. They never learned. I don't have a problem though because the other cats bury it for her.
But I've heard of cat litters that are suppose to encourage digging. Research online to find out and try them.
Good luck!
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Have you tried using the box without the cover? If you haven't maybe it's the odor being trapped in by the cover that causes her to leave the box before burying her waste.

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Not all cats cover their waste - it's perfectly normal not to. They cover it to mask the smell from predators, and may deliberately leave it uncovered to leave a message for rivals. Although it's a pretty instinctive behaviour, domestic cats may recognise that there's no need to cover, esp if they are an only cat and/or a confident cat. Not a lot you can do except scoop often! Scratching the side of the hood may be an attempt to cover, but it may also be an attempt to get litter out from between the paw pads - one of mine used to do that by scraping against the hood.
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I think the scratching of the hood is getting litter off her paws since she only does it with certain litters. When we don't have a hood she'll scratch whatever's in reach (as an answer to the hood/no-hood question as well).
Plus I don't think it's the smell since she'll just hang out in there for way longer than I ever would haha!

We just recently got two kittens and one of them is always burrying the litter after her sister, so I'm hoping once they all get comfortable that maybe she'll clean up after Alice too.
the initial meeting of Alice and the babies went well, so here's hoping.

And I'll look into the burry-encouraging litter!
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Your cat is an alpha cat. She doesn't feel any need to cover her litter since she's boss.

The neighbours upstairs have three cats, and one midsize female completely lords it over a male who is literally twice her size. She also never covers her deposits.

Since your cat's habits are unlikely to change, I'd recommend feeding her a different food, and getting a covered litterbox with a charcoal filter that removes the odor.

Gizmo's poo has a light coffee smell ever since she was switched to a rabbit diet from chicken (which she was allergic to). Before that, she used to gas up the bathroom even if she did cover her deposits!
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So long as your kitty is using the box that's all that matters. My Abby wouldn't think to get her paws dirty by digging in cat litter, even if it's brand new. She goes in and walks across, perches 3 of her paws on the side/corner of the box, leaves one in for balance (reluctantly), does her business and leaps out without looking back, LOL

Not all kitties bury their business. Nothing to be concerned about.
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Originally Posted by gizmocat View Post
Your cat is an alpha cat. She doesn't feel any need to cover her litter since she's boss.
I disagree with the alpha cat thing.

I have 2 cats and my oldest Chynna, is definitely the alpha cat in this home. Abby is 6 years younger and she is the one running away or yielding a spot to Chynna.

So I don't think it has anything to do with who is alpha or not, because Abby never buries her business and she is not the alpha cat in this house.
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I think there are no absolutes with cats. Upstairs' alpha cat is definitely the one who leaves her business out for the others to admire. The other two cover up, very well too.
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Some cats bury, some don't - nothing you really can do about it.

But as far as the smell, some suggestions:

1. Get her checked out for worms - sometimes if they have them, it will cause a very strong odor.

2. Get one of the covered boxes with a charcoal filter on it. That will help control the odors.

3. Feed a good/top quality food - the poorer quality ones produce a stronger odor in the poop.
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