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worms, fleas and ferals - need guidens and encouragement

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They have worms again. I think that they also have fleas again . I have seen one of them itching but I will check properly with a comb on one of the tame kittens. All was treated aginst fleas before they moved downstairs (the mothers when they where spayed) but it was obviously not enough) I tried to de-worm them today by hiding it in candy but no luck. I have frontline at home but I have no idea how to get it on them (I know I cant use it at the same time as the dewormer).

The worm infection is not too bad yet. I have seen one worm in the cat litter but I cannot see it on the cats yet. The kittens is dewormed once before about a month a go but not the mothers.

I have just managed to finish the second antibiotica treatment against their chlamydia and they were all well for about three days after the treatment and now three of them have pouring eyes again. One mama and two kittens. It might be something else as they all had the sneezing disease also. I am suspecting the herpes virus but I need to bring an example to the vet to have it checked (a bit of discharge or a cat - neither will be easy). Their eyes are still clear though. They are never glued together and there is no red or swollen parts of the eye. The discharge is clear as tears .

I know we did a lot of mistaces in the beginning since everyting had to be about saving these kittens from pnemonia and blindness and this is the reason they are still so feral.
They are fifteen and eighteen weeks now and the younger kittens are 100% domesticated so their treatment is no problem but they are also the healthiest.
The older kittens eats from my hand and I can touch Tosca if she is too tired to bother to move away from me. She also seeks my company sometimes and it happens that she cant stop her self from purring but only for a second or so. I can touch Silas and Gypsy without hissing or growling if I catch them sleeping somewhere they cant run away easily. And here I am stuck.

I need some progress within a month or two since then it is about time to get them spayed, neutered, vaccinated and chip-marked.
I would hate to see all the work we put in to them to be in wain just because I have to catch them for deworming or a vet-visit again.
I know that if I try to catch and hold them now it will be violent and I will get hurt.
I know for sure that they don't have rabies anyway since I would of been dead by now if they had and I obviously have a good tetanus protection .

I am greatfull for all ideas about de-worming and socializing. When they have learned to use the cat door to their new cat garden I think I can get the frontline on them if I hide inside the door and wait for them to come in through the cat door.

I spend about 50% of my awayke time with them, I play with them and I spoil them more then I ever done with any animal but still we seem to be stuck.
I realize that it might go faster if I parted them from their mothers but I don't have the facilities to keep them appart and I don't have the heart to throw the mothers back to a feral life especially since I think Agnes -the youngest one - doesn't see that well. She still has a very fearl behavior but for a couple of weeks she spends the mornings with me, sitting on a two meters distance, talking while I drink my morning coffee.

I do have a job, by the way, even if it doesn't seem like that, but I am home ill for a hernia and when we took these little creatures in I was home one month for a broken toe (actually it was not a hole bone left in my big toe) so the cats has seen a lot of me.
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a) them scratching dont need to be parasites. Scrach is cats way of doing.
Did I read in a polish cat book being deep relieved by this, as ours Vagis and Muskis do scratch sometimes (never seen any traces of parasites on them).

b) There are spot-on dewormers, almost like Frontline.

One is Stronghold (called Revolution in some countries). It takes all outer parasites like Frontline do, but also many worms, - save bandworms (=tapeworms). Using Stronghold you dont need to use Frontline of course.
The other is Bob Martin, taking tapeworms.

Do combine.

Bob Martin is made in UK, so I presume they are also in Belgium. Im not sure if it is in Sweden though.
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I have tried to get hold of Stronghold but my pharmacy doesn't have it on their list. The vetrinary knew about it but not where to get it.

As for the clear discharge from the eyes - how worried should I be?

When it comes to socialization - is there anything more I can do that doesn't include cageing them or parting them.

There is a new album with pictures of the cast in the catgarden by the way: http://photos.yahoo.com/paulvansintjan
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Originally Posted by Malena View Post
I have tried to get hold of Stronghold but my pharmacy doesn't have it on their list. The vetrinary knew about it but not where to get it.

As for the clear discharge from the eyes - how worried should I be?
It is obtainable in Sweden since some half a year. Could perhaps your ex buy it for you and send?

As for the clear discharge. I hope it isnt too serious. Many cats do have similiar small trouble, feks common in persians. But as I dont know for sure, I dont want to promise or assure anything.

Hope others will fill in.
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Thanks Stefan,

My parents can buy it and send it. They visit regulary so they can bring in the future to.

Just wen I wrote I was stuck little Tosca came to slöeep in outr bed - with us in it. Today I sneaked up on Silas when he was deep a sleep and he so much enjoyed me touching him. After a few minutes he woke up, streched and open his eyes. He was to surprised to run away imediately and when he finally did it was not in panick. Now he is a really confused kitten but still eating from my hand.
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There are also others spot-on.

I had just now seen there is another, new spoton: Profender Spoton, made by Bayer. Takes all worms, althought probably not the skin-parasites...

Droncit - Bayers tapeworm-medicine, seems too to have the spot-on variation. Ie you dont need to chase after Bob Martin if you dont have it handy.

Stronghold + Droncit - spot ons should take care of all.

Or say frontline + profender...
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I have found stronghold here at another pharamacy. On Saturday I will place my husband behind the cat-door and stand on guard in the kitchen window so I can tell him which cat is coming. Then it will be sanation of the house.
When we spay/neuter and chip-mark them in a month or two they will have a deworming shot at the vet "that takes it all". Since they will stay indoor only untill they are completely tame that should be enough for a while.
I will try to find profender to repeat the treatment on the mothers since they are not going to the vet.
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