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lots of prayers comming your way!!!
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I sent you a pm with some suggestions.
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Oh, Sarah, the Smudgekins is so precious...I am praying for the little sweetie...sounds like your loving care has helped her turn the corner...please keep us up to date.
Loving, caring thoughts all over you guys!
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i am praying for the little mite...i saw her pic in fur-babies,thang god she has you,your doing all you can for her,i do so hope she will be okay,loads of health vibes coming your way... im sure she will be fine.
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With StarryEyedTiger's help, I mixed up some mush for her last night and this morning (with KMR, Pedialyte, dry food and a few other goodies), and gave that to her which she seemed to like, so I'll keep trying that.

She was really playful last night chasing after our fingers, checking out the other cats toys, and chasing after a bit of lanyard.

She looked good this morning as well, she was yelling at me to feed her as soon as I got out of bed (which I take as a good sign), and was crawling up the cage until I let her out to eat. She hasn't lost any more weight, and she may have gained a TINY bit of weight (my scales aren't the most accurate things). For the moment though, not losing any more weight is a small victory, and hopefully the new mush will help her as well.

Thanks for all the vibes - they seem to be working so far!

More pics here in Fur Pics.
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I spoke to someone from the shelter, and she was actually on the board to be euthanised!!! The lady that heads up the shelter said she held her and decided Smudge was too adorable to put down, and while they normally would put down a kitten that size, she just couldn't go ahead with it.

If she hadn't have been there that day, Smudge wouldn't have even got that chance. And if I hadn't have taken Lily in to get her shots when I did (the day after she got brought into the shelter), they probably wouldn't have thought to ask me (I was a bit of a last ditch hope because they knew I already have 2 furbabies).

She is meant to live!
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I am soo glad to hear she is eating the new food better! That is wonderful news!!! I am soo glad you saved that little doll from euthanazia! You're an angel!!!! Keep us posted
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So good to hear that Smudge is eating better and gaining. Go Smudge! Yes, it was certainly good timing that you were at the shelter at the right time. I guess these things are meant to happen.
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