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Help Me!!!!!!!

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my cat has been biting the back of his legs and sort of his butt. we put a cone on him, but he can still reach there, and we put some spray that the vet. gave us on him, but that didnt help. what should we do now??

P.S. we really dont want to put him to sleep so i hope u have a solution!!!
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What did the vet say is the cause of the biting?

If it is behavourial...has you vet recommended medication?
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Why on earth would you even consider putting a cat to sleep because he's biting his legs?? That's the craziest thing I've ever heard.

Does he have fleas? Allergies?? What kind of 'spray' did they give? I'd get a second opinion or call the vet to tell them that whatever they told you to do is not working.
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well ppl, he's legs are always red, and there is no fur there. he pulled it out. and we r probably not going to put him to sleep. i just want more options!!!
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Have you been to a second vet for another opinion?...maybe there is something that the vet could offer in the way of behavourial treatments.
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we did go to one vet before this one, but along time ago, my dog was sick and he gave us pills to give him. and a couple days later, he died and we think he killed our dog because he gave us the wrong pills!!! and now our vet is nicer, and what he gave us is what he has for now i guess. and we dont want to pay alot of money because we already spent alot!!
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He may have allergies which lead to a rash, etc. and need cortisone shots or something similar. Take him to the vet for heaven's sake - he's suffering! Whether it's his food (you'll have to try each type to see if symptoms return ONCE HE"S BETTER) or something in the carpet (it happens) or whatever, give him a chance to be healthy!
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well larke, we have been taking him to the vet!!!!! but i do like your other advice.
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A spray won't cure anything much if he's got allergies (and cortisone is the accepted Rx), so I'd either change vets or at least do your own controlled experiments. Heck it could even be shampoo, your hand cream, who knows?
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my mom says ur right i could be the food thing, b/c we had moew mix for a while and it was red, now we switched back to his favorite food (kitten kaboodle) and its not really that red anymore. so thanks you could be right!!
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You should try a higher quality food that doesnt contain by products. You can get something like Nutro at Petco or Petsmart.
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Yes defiantely switch foods first off. I bet you will notice a large improvement if you go with a high quality food from teh Pet Store, not the grocery store. The foods you are feeding him contains ingredients many cat's have a hard time digesting and ingredients that cause allergies. Please please switch to something like Nutro. I can almost bet money on it that you will notice less irritated skin.
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thank you to everyone who has been helping me!!! we are going to try some of your ideas, and ill let u ppl know how it goes!! thanks again!!!`
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While switching to high-quality food is a good thing, I still would HIGHLY recommend taking him to be seen for possible allergies, as so many others have suggested. The "spray" the vet gave you, I'll bet, was an anti-itch spray, which may stop the itching temporarily (not always) but does not really solve the problem.

My cat does the same thing--she's bitten/licked off much of the hair on her legs and tummy--and after some trials we are certain that she is allergic to something in the air. This does require some patience--and hypoallergenic foods or medications do cost money--but you and your cat will be much, much happier.
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