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frisky cat

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Is it normal for a neutered cat to become amorous with peoples feet/legs? My cat Peedoodle likes to try and 'mate' with our legs and he starts with that little bite and then.....you know how male cats do it, its embarrassing...I thought he wouldnt be able to do it as hes been neutered, but it hasnt stopped him, and he does it every once in a while, and how can I stop him, Ive always had to push him off but Id like to deter that behaviour completely.

Hes actually sitting on my arms while Im typing this and its hard!!! LOL Hes so funny.

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If your babe was older when neutered, perhaps he 'remembers' what it was like!
Also, if he has been recently neutered, it takes a little while for those horrible hormones to get out of their system!
Good luck and let us know.....
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We got him a few months ago, and we dont know much about his background, just that he is already about 3 years old, he has been neutered, declawed :-( and sometimes we suspect he has been abused by his last owners because he gets scared when we offer him 'people' food and acts like we are going to hit him. But we refuse to hit him, we love him too much. His personality has changed a lot since he moved in, he was a real scaredy cat who would hide all the time, to being the most confident cat Ive ever seen - and he is also so very sweet, affectionate and smoochy. Sometimes we wonder if he was never allowed to be a cat, you know be playful etc because hes really taken up playing with a vengeance and gets so hyper in the mornings, and its a real laugh, we love to play with him and its good exercise - he was very overweight when we got him, but since we started playing with him all the time, hes lost weight and looks really good, like he should be.
You are probably right, he was probably neutered at a late age.

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Can I ask how you got your cat to play and exercise? I can't seem to get my cat intereted in any play since we started keeping her inside and she really needs exercise. She's bottled up with energy and releasing it in rather unkind ways on other cats! I tried so many things, cat dancer, battery operated squirrel in a ball, a fake bird that chirps, a bird dancer, and she has en enclosure. But nothing's quite as good as being able to run free in our backyard I guess. She's getting cranky though, so I'd love to hear how you were able to get your cat interested! Thanks! Maggie
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First thing we did was we tied a mouse to a ribbon and he so fell in love with that. It became his favorite toy and now he brings it to us all the time, even in the middle of the night, we hold onto the ribbon and slowly trail the mouse along the ground and he likes to 'stalk' it, and then we started throwing it and he would fetch it for us. Take it one thing at a time, and your cat will learn how to enjoy him/herself. Thats how we did it with Peedoodle. KMart has 2 mice for 99 cents, one is black and the other is white, and thats what Peedoodle liked, I think they are made from rabbit fur. Its worth a try. I hope you have some luck.
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Thank you for rescuing this poor kitty. The fact that he has been declawed and has had to undergo that horrible ordeal could play into why he is behaving as he is. Try giving him some interactive playtime, use a ping pong ball he can scoot around at will, take a toy he likes and tie it on the end of a fishing pole and reel it in and play with him that way. Let him know, you think he is very special. When he comes up to do his business on your leg, lean over and blow gently into his face, one time, one puff. This should startle him out of his behavior. Tell him NO firmly and set him aside in another room and ignore him for 3 minutes then let him out.

There is an excellent book you can get the author is Gwen Bohnenkamp and it is called From the Cat's Point of View. I highly recommend it!
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