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I live in a Cave with a waterfall on top

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My Name is Sibohan and my Meowmy left me and that other cat Duke here all alone for the weekend. After the first day of Duke Sleeping all the time and never playing with me I decided to move out!

Now, You probably wonder where a little cat with no funds might move to well... let me tell you I found the most lovely place. You see it's a cave... perfectly located with east access to the litter and right around the corner all the food and water I could ever want.

Of course the cave wasn't exactly what I wanted when I first get there. I had to do some re-arangeing of the fixtures. All I had to do is knock things out the door... yes, my cave has a door quite posh don't you think. I mean who really needs to live beside bottles that say windex... I won't have a windex, what kitty does?!

Anywho, The only thing I wanted to keep was this lovely bag filled with round papery pillows. Of course they were lumpy so I had to softern them to make them comfortable enough for my beauty sleep. But it was a little too quiet to sleep so I went to investigate and found the on/off switch for the waterfall, all I had to do was step on it and it trickled water.

Duke was trying to figure out what I was up to and tried to invade my Cave so I threw these square things at him I think they were called Irish sproings but I'm glad I did they smelled a but funkey anyhow.

No sooner than I was settled didn't my meowmy come home I guess she needed in my cave room cuz she didn't even turn on the light when she steped on a bottle of toilet duck (who puts a duck in the toilet I ask you) and riped down the plastic forest curtain.

When she got up she seemed a little preturbed with my moving into my cave so I decided tight there and then to once again join Duke in the rest of the apartment. At least I can visit my cave when mom is away. Although I will have to refurbish it once again Meowmy really dosn't appreciate my decorating.

Oh well, I will just have to take out my artistic licence on the sofa.

toodles all
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i hope you do get to use it agin. i founded a luvly cave wif lots of kreenklee plastik saks to play wif in it... my meowmy didnt like me to play wif them & she putted sumthing cald a 'child lok' on the cave dor [mine had a dor to] & now i cant even get in it ~ Java
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You were home alone? We could've all come over and had a party!!! Ari
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wow, souns like fun~ we likes it!
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