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Microchip or tattoo?

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Need to get one or the other for my cats since it's required to bring them to a different country.

They are inside cats so I'm more concered with pain, recovery, etc...

Thoughts on which is better? Thanks.
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I don't know much about tattooing, but I would think microchipping would be a lot easier and less painful.
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micro-chip...less painfull
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Microchipping takes only about a second, it is done while the cat is awake, and it is permanent. Tatooing requires anesthesia, it can fade over time or be covered by fur, and it leaves a tender place while the spot heals. So, my recommendation is microchipping, without a doubt!
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Microchipping - I have six tatoued cats and after a few years it isn't possible to read anymore. I had a brittish blue spending several years in my family as our cat just because we never found the owner. He had a tatoue but it wasn't readable. He came to our village by mistace on a trailer when a couple moved in but even though we placed adds in the village they came from we never had a respons. He could of crawled up on the trailer when they stopped for a break. It brakes my heart that tose people never got their cat back or at least got to know that he had a good life and was loved and taken care of.
So - microship!
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Microchiip it is, thanks everyone.
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