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Anna Nicole Smith's 20 year old son found dead

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This is just weird:

Apparently Anna Nicole Smith had a baby girl on Thursday and her son was found dead on Sunday morning. I really don't care for Anna Nicole Smith at all, but this was just too bizarre to not post. I didn't even know she was pregnant. They say that her son died suddenly and drugs and alcohol are not suspected. What else would a 20-year old die from?
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So sad. The latest report I read said that he suffered a massive heart attack, and that Anna-Nicole tried to revive him, nurses and doctors worked on him but they couldn't bring him back. It is very uncommon for someone so young to suffer a heart attack but not improbable, there may have been some underlying condition that wasn't diagnosed: happens more than you think.
Truly, truly tragic though.
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Originally Posted by AnnasMom View Post
What else would a 20-year old die from?
An aneurysm, heart failure (perhaps due to an eating disorder), an asthma attack - there are all sorts of possibilities. How sad for her.
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It is not totally that uncommon for young people to have heart attacks triggered by potassium deficiency through eating disorders. I remember Terri Schiavo fell into a coma this way.

For such a dysfunctional family, it would not be so difficult to imagine a eating disorder in the younger generation, even in the son.

I feel terrible for her. I hope she will find solace.
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Thats too bad. I really have never cared for her either, but losing a child-I just cant even begin to imagine. And I dont recall her being p.g.
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So how Ironic is it that YOU are ANNASMOM?!
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Originally Posted by lilleah View Post
So how Ironic is it that YOU are ANNASMOM?!
Never thought about that. My Anna is actually Annabelle and I needed advice quick after finding pregnant and stray Ruby. I didn't put tons of time to thinking up a user name and now I guess its stuck!

The more I've read about this story, the more it seems to be just a tragic demise for someone so young. I think living in this day and age when you hear someone under 40 has passed, you jump to conclusions about alcohol or drugs being the cause.
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I've seen young people die under 30 from a heart condition, which I can't remember the name of- but it's the same thing that you read about when a young athlete dies on the field while playing a game. It is horribly tragic.
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I feel so bad for her. I didn't know she had a son.
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There was a family friend of ours that dropped dead at age 16. This poor girl had menagitus as a baby that caused brain damage. Even though she was mildly retarded, she did not go to a special school. She was at school laughing and talking with her friends when at the top of the stairs, she just went expressionless and fell down the flight of stairs. She was dead before she even started to fall. She had a brain anyurism.

On a sad note, a few months later, her little brother told his mom that he wanted to die and be with his sister. A couple of hours later, he had fallen in a canal and drowned.
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omg that is horrible, i know who she is and i new she was pregnant, i cant believe that she just gave birth and then she lost her son, i feel bad for her....
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I feel so bad for must be heartbreaking losing a child
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I really don't care for her but that's so sad...especially right after she had a baby, that's got to be so hard on her. My thoughts and prayers are with her.
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I had a hunch that she'd try to find a way to profit from this and, sure enough - I just heard a news story, that she's sold the last pictures of her son and pix of her new baby to one of the tabloids. The skank didn't waste any time, did she?
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I don't think she is a skank, I feel terribly sorry for her.
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