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New Cat, and questions.

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A new cat showed up around our house a few weeks ago, and she's pretty much made herself at home. She's quite cute, vet says she's full grown (quite small)... but the question I have is:

what breed is she?
I looked online, and found Tabby/Siamese mixes, which I thought was a definite possibility. But then I found something about a Lynx(Tabby) Point siamese. It made me curious, so I figured I'd try to ask people that probably know more than me on the subject.

She has blue eyes, which makes me suspect siamese. However, her features aren't really dominantly siamese at all, and the vet said she was fully grown.

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
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She's probably nothing more than a lynx point moggie (mixed breed).
All pointed cats have blue eyes of some shade and the pointed gene is not Siamese specific, but related to albinism.
She is a gorgeous kitty though.
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She looks to me like there might be some Siamese in her. My Chessy is supposed to be a Siamese mix (you can see him in my signature below).
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Thanks for the quick replies.

We were pretty much assuming that she was a mixed breed, but quite curious by her appearance/attitude. However, I'd really doubt anyone would put out or not care about a siamese. But then again, who would do the same for such a sweet kitty?

My friend has two pure siamese, and the color is extremely similar. I was also confused when I read about the eye color, it seemed like only siamese cats had blue eyes. I was unaware that other breeds could. The pictures of her do not do justice of her eye color. They are a very deep/pure blue. After reading about siamese cats, I also learned they have a sort of crying/meowing when you leave them alone. She does the same thing.
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She's beautiful. So glad you rescued her. Our Mika has a voice defect, thus no Siamese yowls. Bijou is very quiet for a Siamese. He only gets vocal if he wants my husband to let him go outside and then he makes pitiful begging sounds - not the typical Siamese yowl.

I wonder if he knows we are laughing AT him and not WITH him?
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what a beauty...im glad she found you..
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She is a very pretty cat, but a lot of cats can have blue eyes,this is my sisters cat and we suspect his mother was a feral.

He was found in a bucket in my sisters driveway with another kitten ,She called him Neville and he has pale blue eyes and is a stunner now
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