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Writing a Book

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I'm finally starting that book that I have been thinking about forever!.The working title will be "Everything You Think You Know about Cats is Probably Wrong".

My "Chapters' titles" will mostly be uneducated statements that people "believe" about cats that I have found, during my lifetime of working with cats, to be untrue. In the chapter following the title, I plan to give real life stories to prove the statement isn't true. I would appreciate any story contributions that any of you want to make under these Chapters--

Cats are Solitary animals

Cats are Afraid of Water and Can't Swim
Cats and Dogs Hate Each Other
Real Men Hate Cats
De-clawing Should be Done When a Cat is "Fixed"
Male Cats Kill Kittens
Black Cats are Bad Luck/Demonic
Cats are Unemotional
Cats are Arrogant and Unaffectionate
Ferals Can't be Tamed
Cats have No Sense of Humor
Stories of Bravery under Illness--My Wyld Chyld's fight with Renal Failure will be and any other stories similar.
FIV or Felv Cats Should Be Euthanized. (I have an FIV/Felv kitty and her story will be here with others.)
Inside Cats Live Longer (I know that most of you disagree, but the statistics just don't show that--length of life has more to do with relative safety, proper care and nutrition.)
Cats are Responsible for the Small Fauna Destruction in Most Ecosystems
How Society and Politicians have Failed Companion Animals
Other Sweet Stories

I you have a story or idea you would like to include you can add it to this thread or email me at
Thanks for your help!

If you can think of another "chapter title" that I haven't thought of, I'd appreciate it. I'm thinking of using on demand publishing through Amazon, but if you all know of a better place, please suggest it to me! Any help, suggestions and ideas will be appreciated.

I've written two fiction books, but never a nonfiction, so this is exciting!
Now that I've set my mind to it, I'm feeling energized. I hope that this can be a project that all of us can participate in together and enjoy! Writing can be a lonely endeavor.
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I have some stuff for quite a few of your categories but am just wondering how much info you want and how soon you need it - this is not a good month for me and I will have very little free time in the next few weeks for projects I have not already pencilled in to get done at some point
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I'm beginning the book today. I expect it to take a few months and with the wonderful invention call a computer, I can add, subtract and change around things soooo easily right up to print time...(Not like in the old days when you just had to throw away the paper and retype or rewrite it. LOL)

Anything, amount, etc that you would like to contribute between now and December 1st would be appreciated--that's the date I'm aiming to finish--maybe a little before or a little after.

Thanks again!
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Sounds like a book that I can't wait to buy!! Perhaps you could add a chapter entitled, "thinking outside the box" as it seems that far too often owners misinterpret litter box problems as a personal message from the cat to them (dogs, I know, do use "calling cards" to send a message, sometimes) instead of realizing that with a little,or sometimes a lot, of detective work they can find the solution to the problems, which can include:
*medical problems; *ambush at the cat box;*wrong litter - such as scented litter, or pellets or clay that hurt some cats' paw pads; * poor planning - such as placing the box where there is intermittent noise (such as too near the washer & dryer) or near an outside wall where the cat can hear and smell the outside dogs, city traffic, etc; or where there is too much traffic for real privacy, etc.
Please keep us updated on the project! Susan
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I'd be happy to give you two stories of former ferals (isis and luna) who are now happily intergrated into our house as almost full fledged "normal" cats. They are still afraid of other people besides Brad and I but well... if you want me to email you their "stories" (truely only a paragraph or two) I'd be glad to help.
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What a coincidence. I'm recently started writing a book to help get rid of some of the common misconceptions about exotic cats. Good luck. I look forward to reading your book soon.
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That's a great idea, catsknowme. I'll have to see if I can squeeze it in. However, to everyone--if your "idea" isn't in the first book, I'm already planning a second!

Jugen, the stories of the feral would be perfect for my chapter. I need to know if they are truly feral (that is that you saw them as kittens and know that they were never handled by humans), how you were able to "tame" them, anything that is "peculiar" about their behaviour that you notice is very different from cats that were "hand reared" and anything else you think might be of interest! Thanks for offering. My email is nnc630@ (No spaces)

Good luck to you and your book, too, TigerontheProwl. Have you chosen to do the "publishing on demand"? Have you started you book?

I actually starting writing yesterday and so far everything is flowing great!
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I sent you two stories,, hope they help!!
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Thanks, yes I did get it! I have had another chapter idea:

“Cat epiphaniesâ€

If you were NOT a cat lover, but met a cat or cats that suddenly changed your world and way of thinking about cats--I need your story! Thanks! My Kitty epiphany was Gaia. When we met, she basically said "You're an idiot. You will now attend my class, Cat 101"
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Originally Posted by gaia33 View Post
Good luck to you and your book, too, TigerontheProwl. Have you chosen to do the "publishing on demand"? Have you started you book?

I actually starting writing yesterday and so far everything is flowing great!
Thanks. I'm going to do publishing on demand and I started writing it about a week ago. Mine is going pretty good too but I haven't thought of a title yet. Hopefully it will come. For each chapter I'm going to write about a different species. In the end it will be educational and full of little anecdotes.

P.S. I wasn't a cat lover untill 6 years ago. I had just started dating a new girlfriend and the first time I was over at her house, my life changed. She has 2 cats and one of them was a lot more comfortable with me than with anyone else. Everytime I came over she would just jump up on my lap and start purring. After a little while of me petting her, she would cuddle up to me and fall asleep. It was the sweetest thing I had ever seen. That has been the single greatest experience of my life.
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Hi gaia!!! I love this book idea...
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Thanks, Sicy--I hope about a million other people do, too. LOL Ahhhh! what a wonderful no-kill shelter I could build!!

What are you doing in this neighborhood--if we're both here, who's watching KH? LOL
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I am a multi-tasker
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Yeah, me, too. I admin about 12 sites now--5 for my place of business, 6 of my own business sites and Kitty Haven. lol

I'm working on Chapter 2--it's coming along pretty fast!
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I decided to put the "Cats are unaffectionate" and "Cats are Solitary" chapters together because I feel that they stem from the same basic wrong idea.

It's the current chapter that I am working on. I'd appreciate any of you telling me how your cat shows affection towards you or how your cat treats you or other family members when you are ill. I'll only use your first name and town in my book.

Thanks for your story Heather!
You all can send me your story to my email that I have in the first post or
you can add it in a reply here!

I really appreciate everyone's help!!
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I'm now working on Chapter 3, Male Cats Kill Kittens. If you have any stories about male cats' love for kittens, let me know. For example, my cat, Indy tried to NURSE some 3 week old abandoned kittens. When that didn't work, he killed a squirrel and brought it to them. He also carried them around and took care of them.
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