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I just got the news. I adopted a little girl named Mondae from Grayson, and got her stuff, and they were gonna drop her off to me on their way up to NY this weekend. She had to be spayed. Well she got Upper Respiratory Infection and it turned into Severe Pneamonia over the weekend.

They had to put my sweetie asleep a few minutes ago, because she was in such pain..

I'm soo heartbroken, and I never was even able to give her kisses or hugs or love. My little girl is going to be devastated,, she's been talking about Mondae all weekend.

Rest in Peace little baby girl....

With all my love and my heart,

Rest In Peace Mondae:
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RIP little kitty, you know my prayers are with you, and thanks for trying to help the effort that TRN and I tried to start ...
You were a blessing even if it didnt work out, and remember if she was in pain, and if it was THAT bad, she is better off playing over the bridge..
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RIP Sweet Mondae, she was such a beautiful little girl. I'm sorry you couldn't hold her but she knows you already loved her. Sweet Bella and her are playing now. I'm sorry about your daughters sadness, maybe find her another kitty!
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RIP beautiful Mondae.
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Bless her little heart.I am so sorry you and your daughter weren't able to hold and love on her.Rest in peace little one.
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The poor baby But rest assured Mondae is well over the bridge now and suffering no more.

Have fun over at the bridge with all your new friends you cherub

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What a sad disappointment for you and your daughter. Perhaps Mondae was called home because there is another cat in your near future. Mondae is at peace now, suffering no more - play happily over RB.
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I'm so sorry for this sad loss.

Rest in peace Mondae.
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Thank you for all your thoughtful words. It really means alot. I'm sure she feels so much better and all the new kitties she can play with and have fun.

Thanks again..

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Play happy and healthy now, little one.
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Oh my... what shocking news! Poor Mondae... at least she is no longer suffering. *hugs* Perhaps you can still get a kitty for your daughter...
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I'm so sorry! Your little baby is happily playing over the bridge now. My prayers are with you.
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How very sad! I am so sorry that you lost your kitten before you ever got to bring her home! Babies are just so fragile! Rest in peace, little one!
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