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Cats + bottom load freezer = bad idea

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Last year I made the mistake of getting a fancy new fridge with double doors and the freezer drawer on the bottom. It's a great fridge, the drawer is huge and holds plenty of frozen stuff and it's really convenient..............unless you have cats.

My bengals are obsessed with the freezer. When the drawer is opened, it's an iron clad guarantee that a bengal will be attempting to climb inside. This isn't so much a big problem, as it is an annoynace with the adult cats. I can clearly see them and remove them since they are usually attempting to steal ice out of the ice bin.
It's the kittens that worry me..... they run under the drawer and jump into the back of the freezer and just sit there in awe of the frozen wonder. So I find myself fishing one kitten out, while another runs in behind it. Then after shutting the drawer I have to do a head count.
I have found myself so paranoid that I've accidently locked a kitten in the freezer, that I will open and close it 3 or 4 times to make triple sure no kitten zipped in there without my knowledge.
Never again will I buy a fridge with bottom load freezer compartment!
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Oh my *LOL* - I would be paranoid too. I also have a bottom load freezer but My Loki - also a Bengal - is not really interested - except when it starts beeping. Yes, it beeps when the door is open too long!!
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Oh, I think all of us kitty meowmy's have learned to triple check any door we close. Just when you think that whatever is behind that door/drawer is kitten free, check again!
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Our bengals do that too!!! Luckily we started keeping the freezer FULLY stocked so they can't fit anywhere in it
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My bottom freezer has two lovely pieces of yellow duct tape on it currently. I thought if was me for a while not just closing it properly. I have 3 cats, why did I think it was me?
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I have the same thing with the washing machine. Two of our kittens are really facinated by the washing machine and the rest often sleeps in the laundry. If I ever get interupted loading the machine I have to take it all out again and start from the beginning. I allways count them before I turn it on.
Kittens makes you paranoid.
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It's good to know that I'm not the only one that does head counts for different things! When the cats are out on the porches I tend to do a head count to make sure that I didn't accidently lock one on the porch again. (Yes this horrible meowmy did lock one out there one day. I didn't see her!) If I can't find Luna when I bring them all in off the porches, I get nervous 'cause that's how she got locked out there in the first place. Now if I can't find Luna, I will search the house trying to find her. Usually it's fruitless, but eventually she comes out of hiding after taunting me for awhile. Rocket has tried to get into our freezer, but it's harder for him sine it's a side by side freezer not the freezer on the bottom model. What is it with cats and their fascinations with the cold???
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Wow, that's funny. I'd be paraniod too if I had kitties that did that. I have a normal cheap fridge that came with our duplex, and Colin has a double door fridge as well so I don't have to worry about my foster kittens getting into trouble that way eithor place thankfully. I do however have to watch Velvet when I'm doing laundry- She loves the dryer and always tries to hop in with the laundry while i'm taking it out to fold it because she likes the warm clothes. I've almost shut her in there a few times lol....So I always check for her before I open or close it now. I'm a paranoid meowmy too!
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