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911 News Coverage

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Is so sad. Is anyone else in tears while watching?
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I'm at work, so I could only bear to watch the very beginning. I just can't sit through the whole thing.
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I can't watch it at work but I have been thinking a lot about those people. I have yet to check in on MSNBC to see what they have to say about it either.
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Me too. I tuned in online but I couldn't bear to watch anymore, thinking of all those people who lost family and friends. Same thing with the radio, had to put in a CD.
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I'm here instead... Though I will probably see something in the next half hour when I wake mom up for her meds.
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Yes, I have been watching the news. It is so sad and my heart hurts for all those whose lives will never be the same because of it. I will never forget how I felt five years ago, standing in my living room and watching that second plane. It was then that I was so shocked and it was my first realization that there were actually people who hated our country so much.
The worst part is thinking there are actually some watching who are gloating.
Prayers to all for whom today is a much worse memory. May you find peace somehow in your hearts. Hugs to each and every one.
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I've been listening/watching it online.. It's soo sad.. I had to turn it off, because I kept tearing up!!

Those poor people.. The pain they must feel every single day..... I don't know any of them, but I feel their pain..
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I think its nearly impossible not to tear up at some of the coverage. My worst moment, so far, has been the policeman whose policewoman wife died. His little girl was standing next to him while he spoke and couldn't have been more than 7 or 8 meaning she probably doesn't remember her mother. TO me thats the most horrible thing.

My 3 year old keeps asking my why I am crying and I tried to explain to her that airplanes flew into buildings and they fell down. She said "the kids had to go to the doctor and get bandaids." I told her I wished it was that easy. I'm glad she's so innocent on a day like this.
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I, too, have been watching this all morning just as I did five years ago. It's still so difficult to even comprehend this horrible day that forever changed our lives.
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I missed most of it, again.
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I turn on the radio in the bathroom when I'm getting ready for work. First thing I heard this morning was "It is now 6:46, the exact moment that the first plane struck the first tower. We will now honor the victims with a moment of silence."

Wow. That was a slam home of reality first thing in the morning. Granted, the same thing happened 5 years ago...much more of a slam first thing in the morning.
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Originally Posted by lovemycodygirl View Post
Is so sad. Is anyone else in tears while watching?

i am in the u.k but i remember watching 9/11 on tv,my baby was 5 weeks old and i thought,my god,what kind of world is this to bring life into,it dearly upset me then,and as i looked through the papers today,with those horrifying images,i began to cry, i am crying now,it is beyond belief,i really dont want to get into the politics of it all,as i think it would be dis-respective of the poor people who suffered so appallingly at the hands of those b********.
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I have watched some....but not to much as I am finding myself getting panic attacks again watching the footage.
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I can't evern watch the replays. I watched the entire thing 5 years ago. I don't want to relive that day. Such a sad and horrible event
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I started to watch some of it, but I found myself getting exteremly depressed and upset about the whole thing again, so I had to turn it off. Reliving the horrors of that day haunt me without the help of television.
I feel terrible pains for the families who live it everyday. What amazing strengths they have to bear this.
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After today, I've decided I can pretty much do without seeing the footage ever again. Truthfully, other than the speech I mentioned in the earlier post and my thoughts for the young children who lost a parent, the most significant thing to me today was driving to the post office. Bentonville had placed American flags on 6 ft. poles about every 100ft. on Central Ave. and the post office had flags at half-mast (of course). No matter what the event, I find the flag at half-mast one of the most breathtaking, solemn things our country does to mourn.
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As I was driving home from work yesterday - I saw all the cars with their headlights on in support of 9-11 and the people who perished, it really brought me to tears. I felt like, Oh My God, even though there is so much evil in the world, we as a country can still come together. I wish people acted so humane every day.

I got home, went to Curves, made dinner and then got on the computer - I could not watch any more footage.
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I was soo sad over it yesterday- I cried a lot. My heart goes out to everyone that lost loved ones....and to our entire nation. My boyfriend is a police officer- he's a first could have easily been my family and loved ones....I feel blessed that it wasn't....but so horrible for those that were affected by it.

And you know what made my as angry as all get out! I went to school the ENTIRE day yesterday- Not a single person, not one, not even a teacher so much as mentioned it!!!!!! I was sooooo angry! Several people even asked what the date was and people replied "the 11th" like it was no big deal- nobody even paused between work to notice! The nerve! How can people be soo oblivious! I don't get made me want to cry....have they all forgotten??? That broke my heart- even my history teacher- and the class covers us history since 1877 -it covers present day events- did not once mention it!!!!!!!! I was fuming!!!!And my goodness- it is a present day history class! Have they no care or concern for their country? I was outraged! Towards the end of class when he asked if anyone had any questions about the lecture, i raised my hand and point blank asked him what the title of our history class was.....and he looked a little confused and responded "The US since 1877"....and then I asked- "this class coveres present day topics as well, correct" and he responded "Yes, dear"...then I said..."Why was there no mention of 9/11 today??? Is that not important enough to fit into a lecture, or is it not "textbook material" enough"? - his jaw dropped and it was like a lightbulb went off in his head- he had forgotten! Then I said "It was our nations biggest tradgy- but I think the biggest tradgey is that so far, not a single teacher,has soo much as mentioned what today is- and this class is supposed to cover things of this nature. Has everyone forgotten??? Maybe nobody else wants to talk about it, or even seems to remember at that, but I however take pride in my flag and my country- I am proud to be an American, and I have not forgotten...I'm sad to see that nobody else seems to think the same or care".....the whole class, including my teacher were silent after that. Apparently my teacher had nothing to add because he felt like an idiot for forgetting 911..he dismissed the class and apologized after that. I think they felt bad- I sincerly hope they did-come on people, take an ounce of pride and concern in your country!....Now,I love that class and my teacher, but yesterday struck a horrible cord with me- i will never forget that. It just goes to show how careless and oblivious people can be! How do you just "forget" something like 9 11 or even go an entire anniversery without a single mention of it???That sickens me!

I was glued to my tv last night...I watched all of the coverage I could. I cried the entire time...It was soo sad. And you better believe- Colin and I had our American flag flying 1/2 mast and displayed for all to see yesterday to show respect and honor.
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