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Carolina Crown

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My friend and I are heading down November 17th to South Carolina where we will audition for a division one Drum Corp called Carolina Crown. $85(per person) must be sent ahead of time with the membership application and medical information form. Once received, we will get a conformation email with details about audition. Then its the long process of waiting for November 17th to roll around.

We've decided we are going to leave directly from college since my friend's class ends at 11:45. Its a 6-7 hour drive and we have to be there by 7:30pm on that friday. We could take a plane, but that requires missing class and paying lots of money. We could take the train, but that would require missing class and not getting there on time. We could take the bus, but that would require missing class. So, driving down there is our only option if we don't want to miss class. (something I'm willing to do, but not my friend.) Then we hop in the car immediatly after class (leaving from the campus parkinglot. We go to community so we don't live on campus) and driving 6-7 hours to a place we've never been. Then we must register for audition and let the fun begin.

I, personally have not spun a flag for a year and a half, so for the next two months I'll be spinning my little heart out along with my friend. 67 days till audition, so wish us luck. If we get in, along with constant practice on the flag, we will also be taking dance classes to help with body and movement.

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Good luck!! What part of SC are you going to?
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That sounds like fun! I know you will do great!
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This will be a terrific experience!
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Hmm, the site says Charlotte. Isn't that in NC?

Well anyway, I was talking to one of the girls I used to spin flag with and when I told her I was trying out for CC, she got this look on her face that clearly said "Are you kidding me?" She told me it was hard and that they were one of the hardest to get into. Another girl I used to spin with didn't make it into the Crossmen which is another division one drum corp, and she was one of our best spinners. I've told people again and again. I know there is a big chance I won't get in. I'm not the greatest spinner in the world but I want to go and try. Then I can say "At least I tried. I was there."
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Well you for sure won't make it in if you never try. That should be your answer to those people who say you won't make it. Its always worth a shot!! Good luck!! Just be sure to practice practice practice!!
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