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Hissy, can I see Prowler?

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I have been thinking about you two a lot lately.... remember it was me who had the friend in your semi neck of the woods who needed her rescued and then you ended up keeping her LOL.

Recently, I rescued a kitty who is her twin... cagney is an orange tabby girl who is poly front and back. she was chained up with a dog chain that was almost as heavy as she was, and looked horrible. after some tender love and care, she is the best girl ever!

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awwww they are gorgeous photos - look at that precious girl
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Such a beautiful little girl! I'm so pleased that you were able to save her from such a horrible situation!
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What a horrible thing to do to a kitty! She is just adorable. Give her scritches from me.
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Oh she is just gorgeous!!
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She is adorable! I'm so glad she was rescued!
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She is BEAUTIFUL!!! Her fur, and her eyes, and those adorable extra toes! If Brian and I adopt another baby he/she will look similar to this little girl (unless of course another darling steals our heart at the shelter).
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Oh my, what a doll! So glad you have her now away from that chain! What's wrong with people!
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What a sweetie. How could anyone do that to such an adorable little thing?
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Oh what a cutie, I love them orange babies, there alway's so sweet
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Oooo, I want to kiss those sweet little paws!
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OOOH I want her, I love little orange babies (and big tubbie ones too)
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What a sweetie!!
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How could anyone do that to Cagney or any kitty for that matter.

She has such bright eyes and those paws.....kiss kiss kiss.
Cagney's color is gorgeous.
Prowler...where are you?
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Cagney is sooo beautiful! I love orange kitties
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what a cutie!!! I saw a little orange colored cat in the shelter I was going to go to this weekend.. I'm hoping she's still there!!

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