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Monday Daily Thread

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It's a cool morning here with Fall-like temperatures.

I'm waiting for an electrician to show up as we are having a few problems in the house. I am hoping it won't be too expensive

I don't have anything planned yet for the day, as I have no idea how long this is going to take.

Have a great day everyone!
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I hope it's nothing major with your electrics, Karen!

I hate having to wait around for them and try to keep busy while they're here!!

I have just finished a gigantic pile of ironing and am planning to make something to eat in a minute!

After lunch I will get back to cleaning as we have an insprection from the property agents on Wednesday

Have a great Monday everyone!
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How the bill isn't too much Karen!!

My day started very early...the 2 terrors ( ) had me up at 6am tearing around the apartment. Now that I'm awake of course they are sleeping.

I have to do a whole bunch of cleaning in here today and I'm going to work on more thank you cards today as well.

Have a good Monday all!
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Good afternoon!
I am eating my lunch just now. I usually bring my lunch with me to work but didnt get chance to get to the supermarket last night so had no food at all. I just bought a boiled egg roll from the canteen at work and it was SOGGY inside, it was disgusting. There was NOTHING else vegetarian so I am eating a plain roll with butter! Theres a healthy balanced meal if ever I saw one!
Oh Karen, waiting for people to come is so boring I don't envy you! Hopefully they will arrive soon and not take long so you can plan your day.
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Good Morning! I had a pretty good weekend. Friday Lee and I went to sears to do a little shopping. I needed a new swimsuit for Florida. Well they were on clearance here AND they had an additional 50% off!! So I bought 2 new bikinis. Each piece ended up costing $1.87 so I spend a total $7.48 on 2 cute bathing suits!! And Lee got a pair of $40 trunks for $10. I love sales like that!!

Saturday Lee went racing and won 1st in stock medium and got 2nd in stock light! Yay!! We think the guy that got first was illegal in his motor but none of the tech men brought their tools so there was no way to know

Sunday I spent at my parents house then came home and played with the girls and cleaned up the house a bit and then it was bed time!!
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evening everyone!!

well its 10.33pm monday evening here, I have worked all day (Jasmine has been in childcare) and I am about to go to bed.

this time last year I was screaming in agony begging Chris to make all this pain go away
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NO! NO! NO! I don't want to wake up! I was having such a nice dream. He was soooo cute....

Planning to take it easy to rest the back. Have a meeting tonight and I hope the rest of the board members remember to attend. Will probably end up calling them. It's not my job, but nobody else will do it.

Oh, yeah - cramps are making me grumpy.
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Went shopping with DH to a "man's" type of store yesterday morning.
Came home didn't do much rest of day-made another fire in firepit!!
Took Bobber to vet this am-yikes!!! They drained the on lump on her face and I have to watch and I felt another under her last night-they did some poking and are culturing it and will call me later-he doesn't think its a bad thing but I may end up having both spots removed. Poor thing is hiding somewhere I think the basement.
I roasted tomatoes in the oven this am-boy does that produce alot of steam!!
They are cooling then I will freeze. Then leaving in about an hour to the pick up some fresh seafood as the seafood truck is in town. No plans rest of day-more cleaning.mending perhaps....
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Good Morning Everyone!!!

We had a rough weekend with LuckyGirls spay. I spent most of the time on the floor following her around to make sure she was breathing. My husband had to draw the line when I wanted to sleep on the floor with her, he insisted she'd be fine, and that I could come to bed. Sunday was cleaning day, I got alot done, but it somehow looked like nothing. I rearranged my pantry and my linen closet, and did tons of wash. And of course kept the peace & quiet for the queen of the house while she was recouping from her spay. The little terror (aka Louie) slept most of the day, this way he could be up all night driving us crazy! Today I have a dr's appt after work, and tomorrow I have a massage after work! I am most excited!

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!!
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Hello everyone! Nothing much planned today, just cleaning the house and resting trying to keep this cold at bay. I have WAY to much to do to be sick so I'm taking cold pills during the day and sleeping as much as possible at night. I hate being sick, it is so draining. But I'll fight it with every fiber of my being, for as long as I have to.

Other then that, nothing to exciting here. Just colder temps and rain. Pretty boring day thankfully. I could use one once in awhile!

Have a great day!!!!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
It's a cool morning here with Fall-like temperatures.
Same here! Fall is on its way. Woohoo..

Originally Posted by Sar View Post
I have just finished a gigantic pile of ironing...
I can't even remember the last time I had to iron! I always make sure I buy items that don't require it, or I send them to the dry cleaners.

Originally Posted by huggles View Post
this time last year I was screaming in agony begging Chris to make all this pain go away
It's the 12th over there so Happy Birthday to a very special girl!!!


I spent my day being the referee between Phoenix and Nakita. The intros are going very slowly and Nakita thinks Phoenix is a major intruder to her comfy life. If Phoenix gets within 2 feet of Nakita out come the hisses and growls. I'm praying this feline posturing will end soon and Nakita will realize that Phoenix will be a wonderful addition to her life.
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Well, last night was the official "Welcome to being a homeowner" night. We've lived in our townhome for right at one month, made the very first mortgage payment last week...and the garbage disposal blew up last night. Ah well, such is life. At least this is something we can live without for a couple of weeks if necessary, and it isn't terribly expensive to replace.

Eileen and I are working on the details on bringing Ginger home to Colorado. It looks like she will be home next Thursday! I can't wait, but at the same time I am trepidatious about the introductions. For every easy intro, there are difficult ones, and one or two of them are about cats who just cannot accept another in their homes. I know the theory in introducing cats and plan to do it "by the book" but I've never done it before and really don't know how it will go. I just hope it all works out. Ginger will be fine with Trent and Ophelia...I just hope Trent and Ophelia are OK with Ginger.
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I haven't really been online today, it's been a foggy, wet day and I think I have a cold coming on.

It's a baaad Monday for us.

My daughter along with 4 other members of her class got sent home with head lice. Apparently another class had 5 or 7, can't remember which.

She didn't have head lice before school started, cause the hairdresser would have seen it or someone. She's never had head lice...actually it really upsets me.

But it's a dulldrum day otherwise.
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