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Weird Behaviors?

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I was wondering if anyone had some weird behaviors their cats do that they want to share. Shadow has one that kind of freaks me out at times. Every so often he would stand up with his paws up on the wall and stare up towards the top of one of the walls in the bedroom (and sometimes in other rooms). He would look straight ahead and meow loudly over and over at something that isn't there... at least that I can see anyway. I always wonder what he is meowing at though.

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Weird behavior? I don't think Tohru does anyting normal. Especially the things she eats. She will kill for a piece of cucumber or lettuce, and is even worse when it comes to melon or bananas. I thought cats were supposed to go nuts over chicken and stuff, lol.
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I think he sees things that you just do not see! I do not have a scientific explanation, but I do think cats see and feel things we humans just do not. oooo, play scary music here....
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Our new cat Sweetpea goes nuts for green olives. We have to eat them standing up!
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