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He got it!

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DH got the new job! TCS vibes worked again!

With DH getting the job, we are now going to see a lot more of each other. We will work the same hours, and get to drive to work together. We haven't been on the same schedule since college.
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that is great news!!
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Congrats to him! but watch out! you might get sick of each other now just kidding! my parents have worked opposite shifts for probably 28 of their 29 years together... now that my Dad's retired and around more my Mom wants to wring his neck
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Hey, that's great news!
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That is wonderful news! Congrats!!!
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Congratulations!!! That is wonderful news. Me and hubby work different schedules too...can't wait for the day were the same! ENJOY!
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Oh, this is great news!
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Congratulations, that's great!!
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Good for you guys!!! I love my husband dearly, but too much of him is not a good thing. We both work 8-5 M-F, but he also works the firestation several nights a week, so that gives me "Susie time"
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I agree with Susie though, I might murder my husband if we were on the exact same schedule. We go in the same car in the mornings, but then I walk home at 5 and he's at work for at least another hour and a half. Give's me Emily time.
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We've worked together like this in the past and it was great. DH and I are one of those couples that need very little alone time.
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That's great to hear!! I imagine it'll be wonderful to spend time together again!
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Congrats to you both!!

I don't envy anyone who works nights or rotating shifts. Rob had to work for 2 months on the night shift a couple of years ago and it felt like we never saw each other.
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Congrats to you both. I hope you do get some personal time though that way you don't want to choke him.
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