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Cold? Upper Resp. Infection? HELP!!!!

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I got my kitty from the Humane Society exactly a year ago this month. So LAST September, when I got him, he had an upper respiratory infection and had to take Clavamox for a couple of weeks...and he was fine. The H.S. warned that URIs could be "chronic" but my vet said that the inside of his mouth and throat didn't indicate that this was the case in my cat.

Two days ago, same kitty started sneezing several times a day...sometimes a rare cough. I'm wondering if it's a seasonal "cold" since the weather is suddenly changing. My cat is a total indoor cat and never comes into contact with "other" cats (other than his "brother," Frances).

Anyway, he doesn't have a runny nose or eyes...eating and drinking fine...just the sneezing. Is this just a "kitty cold" that will work itself out or is this classic URI and he needs to go to the vet? I don't mean to sound uncaring but I don't really want to take him to the vet if it sound like a simple "kitty cold" - I myself would not go to the doctor for such a thing. But will gladly take him if it sounds like URI.

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There is no way for you or us to diagnosis your kitty...you can never go wrong with a vet visit. Maybe this is just the beginning of an URI and you've caught it early. Let us know how it goes!!
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I would watch him for a day or two - every once in a while my cats will go through sneezing spells, but they don't last long (a day or two if that). I don't know if it's something in the air or what.

If it persists I'd take him to the vet to be sure - and if you see anything else, definitely take him in. Watch the litter box and make sure everything's normal, as well as his eating/drinking.
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That's a good idea. I almost think that it's allergies because I heard that URIs are highly contagious...but my other cat didn't get sick last year and isn't sick this year, even though they drink out of the same water bowl and have the same living environment.

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