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"My" Kitties Need Your Prayers

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The feral family living in the woods behind us disappeared again. We've rescued two of them (Lazlo and Sheldon), and boy we love them! (We're keeping them!). But the Vet FINALLY found the humane trap, and we brought it home - and the rest of the family hasn't been here since! We found a home for two of the three kitties left, and we checked with the local no-kill shelter and they do accept ferals - and usually have no problem finding homes for kittens, feral or not. We even made arrangements with them to notify us if the one kitty doesn't get adopted within a week. We made arrangements with the Vet to get feral mommy spayed and we planned to re-release her after five days of healing - and they've disappeared again! They've been coming and going for "extended" periods of time (we rescued Laz because the first time they left without all of them we didn't know they'd come back - but they were only gone three days). Now they've been gone five days - and I just don't get it, because they're always starving when they "come home." Please send hopeful thoughts their way - won't it be better for everyone if we can execute our plan? I need them to come back - I'm going nuts!
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Did you set the trap out without washing it down first? It probably has multiple scents of scared and pissed off cats inside and that may be what triggered the family to scatter. Wash the trap out well with warm water and vinegar and let it air dry, then set it and if you can camoflauge (spelling) it with branches and shrubbery so it doesn't look so obvious. Sending good thoughts your way!
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I am sending my 'kitty capture' prayers your way! I remember going thru stuff like this with Goldie and it drove me nuts! But she always returned. One time, she took off with Smudgie (the last one of that litter to catch) and was gone for a few days. Momma came home first and then a couple of days later, in dragged Smudge.
Isn't it amazing how attached you get?
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I've had wonderful luck baiting the trap with kippered herring. It is really smelly and the cats can't seem to resist.

One of my ferals (whom I haven't caught yet) always disappears for days (and sometimes weeks) at a time. So, I don't think your momma cat's behavior is unusual.

In the meantime, I'll send my "come home" thoughts your way.
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It is amazing how attached you get. Thanks for all the trap suggestions - and the good thoughts and reassurance.

I wouldn't have thought about the smell problem, and we happen to have herring here, too. So we'll wash the trap and get it ready. But the family was gone before the Vet called to say they'd found the trap. I just assumed the family would be back within a day or two, so the trap isn't set or even up in the woods. Still no sign of them yet.
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