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scared and injured

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just today i bought an exercise ball, it was deflated so my brother offered to pump it up. my cat, shumi, came along and i guess my brother was using the deflated ball to play with shumi for a while.

after the balls was completely pumped, my brother bounced it up and down the corridor for a while. shumi got really scared and ran into my mum's room and tried to jump out the window (impossible). he kept banging on the window and bars, attempting to jump out. he has injured himself now, a bit of fur between his eyes and some blood on his nose. his ok now, but i his quite emotionally scared now.

what should i do? should i somehow prove to him that the exercise ball wont harm him?
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No, definitely not. The poor kitty is traumatized. Hide the ball and let the cat be alone in a quiet area. Make sure he has food, water and a litter box nearby. Let him calm down on his own. Maybe play some quiet music in the room. I hear classical is soothing to them. Don't push yourself on him, let him regain trust and confidence on his own. Go in and talk to him from time to time but leave him be otherwise.

You cat was very afraid of that ball, so if I were you I'd put it somewhere the cat isn't and make sure your brother doesn't bounce it around inside the house anymore.
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I would get rid of the ball. If your cat is that scared of it I dont think it would be possible to prove it wont hurt him.
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its been 4 hours since the incident, he was very quiet and paranoid during that whole time. but his recovered alot. he's jumping around more freely and continuing with his daily routines now.

i've hid the ball in the laundry room, i intend to leave it there unless when i decide to use it i'll lock the room i'll be in so he won't see it.

thank you so much for ure help, i was so scared and didnt know what to do.

my cat's nearly 2 years old, do u think he would ever remain composed around the ball in the future? i think it was because my brother bumped the ball on shumi while he was deflating it. i dun mind keeping the ball in the laundry room, but if he did happen to see the ball again, i would dread the same thing happening again.

thanks everyone =).
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My cat was terrified of garbage bags when I got her. She would run away and hide when I changed the kitchen can's bag. I spoke to her in a reasonable tone of voice and told her that nothing would hurt her. She now is completely unconcerned when she hears a crinkling bag.
A ball is a different matter entirely; it's as big as the cat and if it bounces, it could seem to be a predator that is leaping on the cat. It's a good idea to not play ball around the cat, even when he calms down.
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