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Hi from the newbie! :)

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Hello Everyone,
I am very glad I found this forum. I have gathered so much information already (especially regarding declawing, I had no idea it was so cruel and inhumane.) I have one cat called Socks, she was rescued from a farm - her littermates were mauled by a rottweiler a couple days after I brought her home. I hope to get another cat when I move into my own apartment in a few years (which is far ahead of me, I'm only 16.) Socks will most likely stay here with my parents because she has trouble adapting to new places and is quite shy. (Sorry about all that rambling, lol, I'm sure you didn't want to know my life story).
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But Jenn, we do! (as long as you don't mind hearing ours ) Welcome to the Cat Site. Hope you visit often and become a part of our family.
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Welcome Jenn
It is nice to have you with us. Your fur babe sounds like a great kitty. I hope that you will visit often and post a lot!
Ramble? You did NOT ramble at all!:tounge2: :tounge2: :tounge2:

Oh, and Jenn.....I am so thankful that you have learned about de-clawing. Education (and fun) is what this board is all about! You would not believe all the stuff I have learned since joining, and I have had ktties for over 20 years!
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Aww, thanks. You guys are so much more accepting than most other boards I've been to. :daisy:
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Hi Sockiesmom

Welcome to the Cat Site from all us bods in the UK who have just struggled into work and are are blearily turning our computers on.

Hope to hear more about you and Socks soon (plus pictures; we LOVE pictures . . .)

By her name, do I deduce Socks has white feet?

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Hi Sockiesmum, nice to have you here. You'll find everyone here is friendly and cat mad, you'll fit in great.
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Yep, Socks has very white feet! (And I was in fourth grade when I got her and that seemed to be the logical thing to name her, lol.)
She's got patches of every imaginable colour and stripes over most of her, and just little bits of white on her feet and face.
I'll get some pics put up when my brother hooks the scanner back up!

Thanks for the welcomes
~Jenn & Socks
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Jenn! Hello from a fellow Ontarian! It is great to have another person from above the border here (they outnumber us - but that is ok, because they are all super!). I am glad you could rescue Socks before the mauling happened - at least 1 cat was saved! Hope to see you posting often!
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Welcome to the site! We love learning about our new members (and old members) and their furbabes. You weren't rambling at all! LOL You should see some of MY posts!

I'm glad you have learned about declawing, too. Unfortunately, I didn't find this site until after I had this done to my baby. My vet actually recommended the procedure, and didn't tell me what it really involved, or what the possible side effects are. It's sites like this, and people like us, who can educate the general public.

I hope to see you around here often. It would be nice to get a younger person's perspective on things, especially in The Cat Lounge where we talk about everything under the sun!
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Thanks again for the welcome, you all are so nice!
I did the same, valanhb. Our vet told us that declawing Sockie wouldn't cause her much pain and it had no long term effects. I've read some of the stories on one of those websites and it obviously does have it's effects. Thankfully, she recovered fine. I would never put another kitty through that mutilation now that I know what really happens.
And Adymarie, it is really great to see another Ontarian here.
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