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2 Cats, 2 personalities, what to feed?

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Ok, so here's my story. I have 2 cats, both rescue kitties, one male and one female.
The older cat (the male, 3 years old) loves 9-Lives canned food and Friskies canned food. Just about any flavor and any texture as long as it's not shredded or chunks . He's not big on dry food, but he'll nibble.

The younger cat (the female and 2 years old) loves dry food and is very picky about canned. She will eat Friskies canned food as long as it is Salmon Dinner and she is just as apt to throw it up. I leave her free choice dry food.

The two chase each other about the house, romp, climb and generally tear about the place. We have play time with "cat fishing poles" - lots of fun for both of them. They are indoor cats and only venture outdoors under intense supervision.

The female seems to have put on some weight. She is healthy and has been checked out by the vet.

Today after cleaning up after the female throwing up some of her Salmon Dinner one more time, I decided enough was enough and maybe I should check out different foods.
I did a lot of reading on this site and vet's sites and basically decided the dry food was part of her weight problem. I put out only a 1/3 (Purina One Hairball formula) cup for the female to have at breakfast. It seems from my reading that not measuring the dry food seems to be part of the problem. Ok, so I can do that.

Then I went to my local pet store in search of better canned foods. My choices (after weeding out Science Diet, Eukanuba, and Iams - have had past experiences with these foods and they weren't good) were Nutro Max, Fancy Feast and Natural Balance. I tried to stick with flavors that the cats had shown interest in before (chicken and salmon).

At breakfast we tried the Fancy Feast in a pate form and it was a big hit with my male (he has had it before), but the female acted like I was poisoning her. For dinner we tried the Nutro Max in a chunk form, the male sniffed it and walked away. The female licked the gravy off and walked away. Then the male came back and tried to cover the food. Neither cat has been a fan of chunked canned food. Tomorrow we'll try the Natural Balance and see what their reaction is to that one.

My question is if I can't get them interested in a different food are Fancy Feast and Friskies that bad for them? There must be something in the Salmon that doesn't sit well with the female. But her reaction to the chicken was 10 times worse. This is just so puzzling.

Donny's and Chade's mom
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Try mixing a "good " food with the FF ....
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Now, why didn't I think of that? I'm trying so hard to find the right food for the guys, I'm just not thinking "outside" the can.

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Honestly, I tried mixing "good" food with the FF for my Ginger, and she literally picked out all the FF bits and left the rest!

Worst case scenario, if your kitties are like my Ginger, please give them as high a quality dry as you are able to afford, so that their eating the lower quality wet won't be so bad.
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Ok, I mixed the canned foods this morning. The little devils picked out the stuff they were used to and left the rest. So this may be more challenging than I thought. They are so picky about dry food as well. The older kitty loves the Chef blend Meow Mix I think. But it seemed to cause problems with the youngest cat. And they only like the small kibble so that narrows the choices too. Right now the Purino One Hairball formula is what they both will accept.
Just so much fun.

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